Now Hiring! Get Yourself a New J-O-B, with Me!

Now hiring at Paper & Stitch (in Atlanta)

I mentioned kind of casually in a post last week, that Amelia (who has worked as my right-hand woman for the last year) recently moved to NYC with her boo. Miss you – hope you’re staying warm up there girl! And since there is no way I can steer this ship on my own, I’m hiring!

So, if you’re looking for a fun, creative job in Atlanta, be sure to check out the available positions below…And if you’re not in Atlanta, I want to work with you too – just scroll down to the bottom where it says more jobs! P.S. If you’re not in the market for a job, but know someone who might be a good fit, I’d love for you to pass this along to anyone who you think would be a match.

Here are the details…

Now hiring at Paper & Stitch (in Atlanta)

Job Title: Creative Content Producer / Assistant Editor

I’m looking for a fast learning, self-starter who will work very closely with me in creating original content (DIYs and beyond) and brainstorming new ideas. The ideal candidate is: self-motivated, highly creative, has great taste, and understands the Paper & Stitch aesthetic.

While this position consists of a whole lot of the fun stuff, like working and crafting in a natural light studio, playing dress up for shoots, etc the ideal candidate isn’t afraid to get dirty for the less glamorous stuff either, like taking out the trash. Other requirements include a sense of humor and not being bothered by my overuse of the words awesome and f***. 🙂

This is a paid part-time position in Atlanta (10-15 hours a week to start with more hours available to the right person), with the potential to grow. Pay is hourly based on experience and schedule is flexible. 

Tasks will include

  • Brainstorming new, original content ideas for Paper & Stitch (blog and social media channels). Feel free to browse the site using the categories at the top and visiting social channels (specifically Instagram and Pinterest) to familiarize yourself with the content categories featured here.
  • Executing DIY projects in a variety of materials, with a high level of craftsmanship
  • Executing other types of creative content, that are not DIY related (ex: interiors content, fashion, shopping roundups, etc), with attention to detail
  • General assistance in planning and organizing editorial content and events
  • Sourcing / shopping for materials and occasionally doing prop returns
  • Helping to keep the studio clean and organized (putting things away after shoots, taking out the trash, sweeping floors, unpacking boxes, etc)


  • Must be a highly motivated, self starter that is detail oriented and good with deadlines.
  • Must be a skilled maker / feel comfortable making things with your hands and working in a variety of mediums (your friends swear you can make almost anything), assisting with shoots, and problem solving on the fly. This position is heavily focused on making things.
  • Must be up on current trends (whether that be fashion trends, interior trends, art trends, etc) and enjoy researching trends for creative content
  • The ideal candidate would have at least 1 year of professional experience or at least 2 years of schooling in 1 (or more) of the following categories: fine art (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, or ceramics), styling (fashion, prop, or similar), art directing, photography, sewing, graphic design, interior design, woodworking or furniture building.
  • Knowledge of or experience with any of the following is a bonus, but not required: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, copywriting.
  • Must live in Atlanta area, have a car, and be able to commute to the Paper & Stitch studio in Old Fourth Ward

Jobs at Paper & Stitch (in Atlanta)

Freelance Collabs / Special Project Jobs

Don’t live in Atlanta? Or maybe you do live in Atlanta, but the creative content producer job isn’t a match for you, no worries! I still want to hear from you too! I’m looking for creatives to assist with special projects throughout the year. Are you a DIY all-star, an awesome graphic designer, an amazing cook / baker, an expert sewer, a super talented painter or photographer, a great hand letterer, a wonderful woodworker (think furniture on this one), etc, etc?

So, if you’re interested in working on future Paper & Stitch projects, collabs, or even a contributor position on Paper & Stitch, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you and see if we can work together on something. Just follow the same app process below…

Now hiring at Paper & Stitch (in Atlanta)

To apply for any position: Fill out this form, save it as a Word doc or PDF and email it, along with a brief resume to: brittni(at) SUBJECT LINE: Hire Me. I will be accepting applications until January 23rd and will be setting up meetings with qualified candidates.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Erika. Yep! Applications are due tonight. So feel free to send me an email. 🙂


Are you still hiring?

Erika Eveleth

Good question. The availability window is not applicable for the freelance one-off type of partnerships. So, you can leave that part of the app blank. 🙂 Thanks for asking Tracy.


For potential freelance partnerships, particularly those a great distance away, how important is the availability window?


Hey Cat! Preferably as soon as possible (so probably by February 1st at the latest), but for the right person, I could be more flexible on that date. So I’d say, if you’re interested, send me an email. I’m really looking for the right fit, so I’m willing to be flexible if needed. Hope that answers your question.


Hi Brittni! Do you roughly know when the assistant editor would be starting?

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