Home for the Weekend

Jeff and I are planning on staying in this weekend. Nothing planned. Maybe a movie?

What are your plans? Anything special?

*no weekend links today. amazing image above c/o Debbie Smyth (found via Indie Quarter)

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I came by to visit by way of Hell Friend blogger. I love your creativity and find your site to be energetic and beautiful. I am now a follower.

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Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Katharina. Glad you found us!


I recommend Toy Story 3, I watched it last night with David + loved it 🙂

Will have to survive without my Friday dose of pns weekend links 🙁 lol.

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Oh good call Mayi. Jeff has been wanting to see it anyway, so that sounds perfect! Good suggestion. Side note: I sent you your very own weekend link for inspiration via email just now. 🙂


I recently found you through bloglovin’ – really enjoying your creativity and finding it incredibly inspiring!


Awesome Vics. So glad you found pns. Hope you’ll stop by again soon.


I’m going shopping…by myself!!! Yay!!! That’s a rarity. I always have my kiddos or my hubbie. Maybe I’ll recruit a friend & go out for sushi! Yum! Have a great, relaxing weekend with your man!


That sounds like fun. Shopping by yourself is a luxury (in my mind). No one telling you that you’ve spent entirely too long trying on endless piles of jeans or giving you “I’m bored” face, which is totally my husband. 🙂


My husband is painting the nursery and I will try to finish a knitted baby sweater in time for delivery… That is planned in just ten days!
We are going through a difficult moment at work and I would like to spend the weekend relaxing and thinking of the baby.
We are also going to see a theatre piece directed by a dear friend.
Have a lovely weekend!

Ps Great pic! I love it!


Sounds like a nice weekend Eleanora


this is awsome! i am creating some jewls right now, a film is planned for the afternoon!

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