How is 2012 treating you so far?

A lot of people have today off because it is New Year’s Day observed. But I am hardcore and ready to get back into the swing of things, so I am back to a normal posting schedule again…

I was on twitter a lot over the weekend and noticed that, surprisingly, a lot of people did the very same thing Jeff and I did this year and decided to stay in. Our night was super low key, and honestly, as a hard-working year was coming to a close, it seemed fitting to just relax in pants with an elastic waistband and a bottle of champagne. We were able to catch the fireworks from our balcony and I wanted to share a photo with you (the Space Needle’s fireworks are great – if you’re ever in Seattle for New Year’s check it out).

2012 seems to be off to a steady start and I am curious to know how things are going for you, so let me know…

How is 2012 treating you so far?

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2012 is off to a fresh/clean start and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Love this photo!
All the best in 2012!


hey zon. yes, i am loving seattle! we should definitely so a bloggers meet up. good idea! email me and we can chat about it (brittni at


I went to a family friends house on Bainbridge and it was relaxing and low key. Our view wasn’t nearly as good as yours! Looks like you’re settling in to Seattle well. When’s the Seattle blogger meet up!


jessica and steph- happy new year to you both!


We also caught the Space Needle fireworks from home (well, more like we caught 3/4s of them since the high rise silhouettes clipped off the edges). 2011 fizzled out on kind of a tired note for me but I’m hopeful for 2012.

Happy New Year and thanks for all the great posts!


hey lesely! hope you are doing well. i am really loving seattle. sounds like you are enjoying your new home in the new year too. great to hear from you.


Things are on a roll for 2012 for me… I’m thinking this will be a pretty big year for me and my hubs. So fun to get a peek at the Space Needle 🙂

Looking forward to see what happens for you and papernstitch this year!


We did the same thing for New Year’s, except that we didn’t even make it to firework time.. I was asleep on the sofa by 9:30 and we were in bed by 11:00! We started off the new year doing a few of our favorite things– coffee, books and hiking. Looks like you are enjoying Seattle, what a fantastic view!

Lesley AKA Artsy Forager

congrats megan. love the whale and wolf pieces in your shop especially. happy new year!


GREAT! Because I finally opened my etsy shop!

Thanks for inspiring us to tackle 2012!


hey tami. happy new year to you as well. i love that you are organizing for a fresh start. i do that every year (well more than once a year because it gets messy around here) and it really does feel like a new beginning every time. hope you feel better soon. the flu is no fun at all.


This year is starting off with a bout of the family flu. Other than that I’m working on some new ornaments and getting our home/workspace organized once again for a fresh start. the end of 2011 brought us our first ornament sales and inclusion in a bunch of treasuries. Momentum is picking up, my goal is to keep it on track

Happy New Years to you and yours

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