How to Make Felties {a book giveaway}


If you love working with felt or would love to learn how to make little plush characters, be sure to enter this giveaway. We are giving away this book by Nelly Pailloux, entitled Felties: How to make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends. This would be a perfect gift for a teen just getting into crafting or use the book yourself to make cute little gifts for friends for the holidays. Retail value $15.

felties book

How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to two times. First, answer this question in the comments: What was the first ever craft project you remember attempting? Second, twitter or blog about this giveaway  and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on November 19th  at 11:59 pm eastern time.

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I think my earliest crafty memory is probably from primary school, when we had to make decorated (blown) eggs for an Easter tree, as this was particularly traditional in Germany where I lived at the time.
I remember it being a complete nightmare to prep them but they turned out lovely and colourful in the end, once I had painted them 🙂

Cat (WildCat Designs)

I honestly have been crafting since I gained motor skills. LOL! I was particularly fond of creating jewelry with embroidery floss when I was a kid. I also loved making random stuff from paper plates! LOL!


Crafting and creating has always been the cornerstone of my family’s “togethertime.” My very first craft memory was creating felted Christmas tree ornaments with my aunt to give to my mom and grandma for Christmas in the early 80s. About 25 years later and I’m still doing the same for my family around the holidays.


My first crafty memory (aside from pasting and coloring) would be making a clown with a pocket. Turns out the beautiful fabric I chose for the pocket was cut right from the center of my mother’s wedding dress!


The clay coffee mug in elementary school art is the first craft I can remember and my sweet mother still has it:) Thanks for the chance!


Wow – that looks like an exciting book – so cute! Well, the first ever real attempt I remember is some type of weaving with 4 pins hammered into a block of wood with a hole in the middle. I’m not even sure what it was, more like a complicated lanyard with yarn…but I was just so amazed that one string became a complicated piece!


Hehehe, I love this giveaway! My first ever craft project was to sew clothes for my Barbie doll in primary school. I made a raincoat for her 🙂


Also twittered about it! 🙂


i’m not sure if it was the REAL first… but the first sort-of craft obsession i had was at about 4. i made hundreds (literal hundreds) of puppets using wooden spoons and tongue depressors.



My first project was a felt badge. Since then I can’t stop sewing. You can follow my progress(? 🙂 ) in my blog. 🙂

Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂


My first (or at least the first one I remember) ever craft project that I remember attempting was in primary school when I made a box out of matches. I made my mom burn the ends of a gazillion matches, and then I glued them altogether. I remember the box turned out quite nice! I was very proud.


The first craft project that I have record of (and therefore the first one that I remember) is a shoebox diorama that I made in first grade. It depicts a bear gorging on honey while he is being attacked by a swarm of pipe cleaner bees. I don’t have much childhood memorabilia so it was super neat to discover that I still have it.

Evelyn Muzio

A pin cushion in the shape of an apple during 7th grade home ec. Such fond memories.


I remember making a simple stitch sampler when I was about 8 and then asking Father Christmas for a sewingbox. I was hooked!


I believe it was a fabric pocket thing at school, and my mother actually made it for me. How embarrassing.


I remember in elementary school traveling into the city and visiting the Museum of Natural History. Our class was learning about Native Americans and we were lucky enough to be able to speak and craft with actual Native Americans. Using dried cobs of corn, fabric, straw and a few other items I can’t really remember, I made my first (and last) Kachina doll. That was probably about thirty years ago but this give-away triggered that happy memory. Thank you!


Tania Welch

I tried to make a stuff lamb toy but I got half way through and it was to hard 🙁 I was only 6, slightly ambitious!


One of my first crafting memories was my obsession with making dollhouse furniture. I had a dollhouse furniture book I studied everyday, but I didn’t have any tools (which most of the patterns required) so the only thing I could make from the book was a little mini broom. I whittled the wood, sanded it perfectly and collected the straw for the broomy part. I was so proud of it, but I didn’t even have a dollhouse!


wow. i remember making a popsicle stick frame for a polaroid of me for father’s day! classic!

jennifer young

jennifer young

The earliest memory of making something is from when I was about 5. It was a saturday morning, I remember this because my mom had taken my two older sisters grocery shopping with her and my father was in his studio working on some drawings. This meant that i had free reign of the house and I knew just what i wanted to do (make home-made stilts, of course!) I left my bedroom on the second floor and went down to the kitchen to get two juicy juice cans from the recycle bin in the pantry. I quickly looked in the closet to find some rope and after i found some i dashed out of the room and back up the stairs as to avoid being confronted from anyone who might arrive home early or leave the studio for some more tea. Our stairs had a landing in the middle where there was a window seat looking out to the backyard – and as my little feet rounded that corner to start up the second set of steps the rug slipped out from under me and i fell crashing into the banister. My hand got caught in one the cans and the sharp metal edge cut straight into my middle finger! — I hurried to clean up the mess and bandage up my finger hopeing no one would notice! and shortly after i was walking around clonking on the wooden floors with my metal can stilts!


I remember making pussy willow trees from paper and cotton balls. My mother still has mine.


My first ever craft project I remember attempting was a circle skirt when I was 13! Yay!

Heather S


Heather S

My first ever project was making a paper mobile for my mom’s birthday!


A pillow in 1st grade! It was strangely lumpy and had a puppy pattern on it. Took a sewing class at the library! Lots of fun.


My first project (which I can remember) is knitting a pair of booties when i was abt 12 years old.My cousin baby brother ended up wearing them…Oh wasnt I so proud of myself….:-)


Oh, this book looks so cute! I’ve Twittered about the giveaway here:

Susannah @ Art Nest

I remember the first thing I did was a short jacket, for use as cover shoulders but I was already good at sewing …
now I do jewelry
nice giveaway


The first thing I did,was a knitted dress for my doll. I was 10 years old. Later a learned to sew little bears and other animals for friends.
Thanks for the opportunity!




It was a very long time ago…. my grandma and I made santa candy jars. We used baby food jars and glued felt facial features on it… and then put a Santa hat on the lid. And filled it with gumdrops. Very 1970s. I made so many crafts with my Grandma. I miss her.

martha brown

My first craft project that I can remember was a felt bag that I sewed to hold the cool looking rocks I found by the creek behind our house.




The first craft I remember was a handmade ‘book’ in elementary school. Using the dull safety scissors, I carefully cut out the wallpaper samples we were given into shapes and rubber cement-ing them down into my hand illustrated story book. every time I smell the odor of wallpaper I remember that project. 🙂


The first craft I made was a knitted scarf for my doll…I was 5 or 6 (my granny taught me to knit).

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