How to do Gold

1. Wolf Signature Ring from Daphna Simon 2. Boy vs Girl Earrings from Cut x Paste

I love that gold has made its come back. But sometimes, I find it difficult to wear. So, when I am looking for new gold pieces, I try to find things that are a little funky, so as not to cross that line from cool to dated (not that I’m especially cool or anything). I love both of these pieces, especially the ring!

3. Crown Tee from Graey 4. Black and Gold Dangle Earrings from Art Bizhu

Not feeling the funk? What about pairing gold with black for a pop.

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I’m a silver girl myself but the black and gold Tee is stunning and so unusual. Gorgeous gold finds. I think I might try a few gold accents here and there this summer. (Its currently winter in South Africa and I’m counting the days till summer). I adore you blog its such a lovely read.

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