I Just Have to Say: Seriously Stunning

From velvet hats and ceramic vases to asymmetrical silhouettes and handmade laptop cases: the new papernstitch exhibition is here.

I am so thrilled to share these new shops with everyone, I feel like shouting! But I won’t… for now. I’ll just say, as usual, weve got some amazing shops to explore”¦many of them brand new to papernstitch. And there are lots of sales as well. Who doesn’t love a deal every now and then?Visit the sales and promos page now and save.

Hope youll check out our list of exhibitors. And if you like the new exhibition, please retweet and facebook this post using the buttons below. I’ll give you a virtual hug and everything. It will be awesome.

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PaperNstitch Exhibition | URBARIAN NEW YORK

Just spent way too long on pns looking at the new list of exhibitors. I am really enjoying the clothing shops and art in this particular one. Congrats to all those that are exhibiting!


Thanks Meghan. I love our new clothing shops as well. Good eye!


Beautiful collection!
Love the dress.

Thank you so much Brittni for sharing such a great talent.


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