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Recently, I discovered  this magazine called “I left this here for you to read.” (I am calling it ILTHFYTR for short- much shorter right?) I was struck by the idea of the mag. It reminded me of the Chatty Rock art I posted about a couple of months ago, which I love! Every month, a new issue of ILTHFYTR is released and then subsequently left in public places (park bench, on a city bus, the dentist office, etc) for anyone to snatch up for free . The project was started by Tim Devin, and now involves more than 100 people. I have no idea what can be found inside the magazine, as no content is mentioned anywhere on the site (that I have found), but I love the idea!


For more information about I left this here for you to read, click here.

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i’ve done something like this. i finished a book while i was on the bus so i left it on the seat. i wrote in the cover who i was, my age & how long i was reading the book for.


What a great idea! A friend of mine once made a mix cd and called it Pass It On. The idea was that when you received it, you would burn a copy and pass it on to someone. I probably made 4 copies! I don’t know how far it got though, it’s hard to say.

Brittany Noel
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