I can hardly type this without tearing up, so I am going to keep it brief…

Eleven years ago, our cat Nuggs was born. I met him when he was four and he has been a big part of our family together for the last seven years (and with Jeff for a total of ten).

Yesterday, he passed away. And he will be missed more than I can say.

I love you Nuggs.

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Really sorry to hear that Brittni- all my cats mean the world to me too.

Carole smith

So very sorry about Nuggs – sending you hugs….


I have known my cat all my life, she is sixteen and a half. We take her to the vet regularly because she has really bad lungs and he thinks she has a tumor 🙁

She is grey and fluffy and looks a lot like your cat. Let’s be strong together.


I love my Maine Coon Cats more than words can express and when my eight year old died suddenly of a heart arrhythmia (common I now know in Maine Coon Cats and other breeds) my entire family was devastated including the cats left behind. I’m so sorry for your loss.


I had a cat, a gray one actually, named Punkin Head leave us a few months ago. It is heart-breaking. I’m sorry for loss dear.



Oh, Brittni. I’m so SO sorry. Losing a pet is so hard and I hate that you’re going through this. Sending hugs and love your way. xoxoxo


So sorry for your loss, Brittni. Thinking of you. xx


I am so sorry to hear this. He looks so beautiful in the photograph and I am sure he felt how much you loved him. Hugs for you!

Karin - The F Girl

I am so sorry to hear your news. It is the worst feeling in the world. 🙁

Dorset Finca

Brittni, there are, of course, no words fitting or worthy of Nuggs, but I’m thinking about you guys and am terribly sorry that he’s gone.

Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

Oh no Brittni, I’m so sorry! 🙁 I know how hard it is, my heart goes out to you. Big hugs and love to you guys!


Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss. Our own sweet cat, also of eleven years, passed away just last week and it has been incredibly difficult for us to accept that he’s gone. Reading this set me into tears all over again. Nuggs looks like a very handsome kitty; I’m glad he had such a loving family. Warmest thoughts. <3


Nuggs has the sweetest face. I’m so sad and sorry for your loss. I recently found out my dear kitty has kidney failure so I’m going through something similar and trying to love and appreciate her as much as I can before her day comes. I hope you had a chance to say goodbye. He will be with you always. Hugs. xo

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

My boy Juuso, the last one of the three boys, was put to sleep a little over a month ago. It was painful. It makes me cry if I think about it. So I’m truly sorry to hear this. It never gets easier.

tasselflower (Mervi)

Thank you everyone for the very sweet comments today. I really appreciate the virtual hugs and stories shared.


Oh, Brittni, thinking of you today. That is the hardest 😐 Sending a big Seattle hug!


oh i’m so so sorry for your loss. loosing such a close furry companion is never easy. hugs!

vanessa r.

oh so sorry!!!


Condolences from Northern Norway <3


Brittni, I’m sorry. What a beautiful cat ♡♡♡ I don’t know if it actually helps, but I know how it feels. Losing a pet is so hard – and he’s been with you for such a long time, too! We’re thinking of you! xo Trud

Dear Demoiselle

I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁 our fur babies can bring us so much joy and love, it’s hard to imagine they won’t always be around xo

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox

I really really feel for you and reach out my deepest sympathies. It’s not easy losing a loved pet. I hope that all gets better with time!

Kasey Ann

Oh Brittni, my heart goes out to you!! I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you – I’m sending you lots of love. Take good care of yourself xox

tiffany moore

Sending you big hugs and sharing your tears. I adore my furry kids and saying goodbye is devistating. Thinking of you and wishing I could help take away the hurt. XO

Coral Lee

Just browsing and saw your post. So sorry to read about Nuggs, I lost my beloved boy Kasper in January, so understand how you feel. x


So sorry for your loss.


oh no, i’m so sorry for your loss. i’m thinking about you.

Down and Out Chic

R.I.P. Nuggs…and time may be able to fade away the sorrows…Am giving my cat an extra special cuddle – to think of you and Nuggs. Nicole & Toffee

Nicole @

Thank you again everyone for your heartfelt comments. I had intended to respond to everyone here individually, but time got away from me. I really appreciate the kind words and thoughts.

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