I think I need some help from Chinnylulu.

At least in the hair department. Here’s the story… I have to admit something. I’ve got a little bit of plain jane look going on with my hair. Its pretty long and completely un-styled (unless you count a side part as styling) and possibly months away from the next hair cut. So, I’ve been looking for ways to “jazz it up”: headbands, barrettes, and all of that.

In the spirit of sprucing up my hair situation, I’ve been stalking Chinnylulu Designs, a couture hair accessories shop; and I am pretty sure I need this Elaine headband (pictured above). Peacock feathers and sequin hearts? Hell yes! What do you think?

Did I mention there is a discount involved in this equation?

Special Offer: 20% off at Chinnylulu! Visit Chinnylulu Designs and receive 20% off your entire order. Just use the discount code FALL2010 at checkout. Simple as that!

Visit Chinnylulu Designs now to take advantage of this great discount!

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I totally agree! That headband is awesome! I say go for it.

Caitlin T.

Thanks Caitlin. I think I will. Just gonna daydream about it throughout the day and then will probably pounce. 🙂

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