I used to be a Plastic Bag

Small Recycled Plastic Purse

I received an email from Jacqui a couple days ago, who told me about her shop, Yumstie Tree. There were some great, small trinkets (perfect for gifts) that I found and I thought I would share them. 

The little clutch above is made from recycled plastic bags fused together! How cool is that. They are very strong and have many uses. AND they come in great color combos as well. Your eco-conscious friends would love this and since there so affordable, you can pick one up for yourself as well.

Felt and Button Brooch 

This felt pin was too cute to resist. Pink and green always looks so good together. And if you are searching for a different color, Jacqui can custom make one for you.

Medium Recycled Plastic Purse

For more from Yumstie Tree, click here.

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thank you so much for all your lovely comments. You’re all very kind. xx


So creative! Lovely!


this is so cool!!! who knew!!??

yep i agree with Katy..i hav to learn to sew zipper..


Who knew that plastic bags could be so cute! These are really cute.


I really want to learn how to fuse plastic bags together but I am not sure they will end up looking as beautiful as this. Plus I would need to learn how to sew a zipper in! LOL


Those are great! I tried to fuse plastic bags once. I think I had my iron on too hot – let’s just say that the resultst wasn’t pretty.

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