I Want to Sleep in this Bedroom Forever

It’s the end of the day, so I am starting to get a little tired. And I’ve found just the place to cozy up for a nap. I was going through the papernsttch flickr pool earlier in the week and I found a few pictures of this bright bedroom from Facily Sencillo (aDm on flickr). I loved the simplicity: muted color palette, check! limited decor, check!

So, I sent Facily a little note asking if she’d like to be featured, and she agreed. So, now I can share this to-die-for bedroom with you. Side Note: Facily has an awesome blog that you should check out when you have some free time on your hands (you’re going to want to explore).

But back to this bedroom… Honestly, this is pretty close to what my ideal bedroom would feel like: cozy, casual, and lots of light.

What would your ideal bedroom look like or feel like?

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really nice bedroom!
i love the head board!


Love the design. So serene! And the bit of red on the wall was a great touch. I want this bedroom!


What a lovely bedroom! It looks like a motivating space to wake up and get your day started…especially when it’s a sunny morning. =)
Thanks for sharing Brittni!



Ohhh I love the butterflies!!! =) Target has a similar wall decal like that very inexpensive! =)

Melanie’s Randomness

Melanie's Randomness

Here here! I totally agree!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Hi Brittni!!

thank you for your wonderful post!! Your words are lovely! We’re very very happy you want to sleep in our bedroom forever!! hahaha
FYI, the butterflies from Umbra, the courtain from a store close to our home in Spain and the print is handmade from a nice quote. Everything else is from Ikea, we are Ikea lovers!! 😀


oh i am closer to be on that room, because i have the same bedlinen, and my room has white furniture with egg shell walls! 🙂 and yes, the sun also comes in like that, if not even better!!! oh lisbon, i love you!!!! have a great day my friend!!! twiggs


Cozy with a capital C!

Paloma @ PaperGarland

You’re right– beautiful in its simplicity and quite inspiring too!


I was wondering where that bedspread was from Angie. Thanks for the shout. Love it!


cute! she has the same bedspread as us! 😀 it’s from IKEA and it’s amazing. i love that everything else in the room is white and soft. so comfy!


Such a beautiful bedroom! I wish our’s was like this… Now thinking of doing some serious redecoration.


Any bedroom that looks great even when the bed isn’t made, I am all for Rebecca! 🙂


How beautifully serene! (Even if the bed isn’t made!)

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet
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