If you Haven’t Already Heard…

This morning, I said that I’ve been really busy. And last week, I mentioned that we’ve been keeping a big secret. So what’s going on? Well, for those that haven’t heard…

Papernstitch.com (the exhibition site) is getting a new look and some upgrades too!!! And its all going live tomorrow!

Jeff and I (mostly Jeff) have been working very hard to get everything done, and we are both really excited to be able to share it with everyone. So, make sure to check back tomorrow for the new look (I’ll be linking to it here on the blog). As for me, I have a few other projects I’ve been dedicating pretty much all of my time to lately. And I’ll be sharing that news as those projects roll out. Stay tuned for Workspace Wednesday in just a few hours.

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Brittni, I just love the new design! So clean and classy! Just perfect 🙂

Tali Schiffer

thanks ladies.


Exciting! Will be back tomorrow for the big reveal — thanks for the heads up!! 🙂

Anne K.

can’t wait to see it!

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