I’m a girly girl. Jealous?

So you may not be a fan of pink, but its certainly hard to resist being enamoured with this dainty color.

Ive gone through my phases (haven’t we all?) and throughout high school I scorned those who listened to pop music and was very attached to my olive green pumas. I was into grunge before it was even a trend. But Ive lightened up some, and for me fashion and art are no longer a way to identify myself, instead I appreciate and love art in all its forms, and I look to see what I can learn from each different artist and their point of view. Any style is good in my books, from the ultra vintage to grungy to the ephemeral and the truly girly”¦

So needless to say I was thrilled to stumble upon Jackie Ruedas photostream on Flickr. Hailing from Canada, she is clearly multi-talented as she juggles motherhood and work as a journalist, TV writer and photographer. While her collages are breathtaking collectives of other talented photographers, her own work (pictured above) is just as captivating and can be found in her etsy shop.

See you next week!

-Letitia of Dujour

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Wonderful work and most wonderful woman.
She can see things from a different a magic point of view and she loves to share this with everybody.

Congrats Jackie!


This is so girly 😉 I love that, it is just cute. I had some pink period in my life, but it is finished now, but these pictures are amazing.


love! love! love!

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How Sweet! I love her shop!

Stephanie La bonte

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