I’m Baaaack!

So, I’m finally back from my trip to Key West. I realize you may not have even realized I was away until Friday. But, wow! It was such a blast and the weather was perfect: hot and sunny the entire time we were there.

I snapped a few pictures so I could show you where I was working all last week (and parasailing, and snorkeling, and hammock-ing)…

Now, like I said before, it wasn’t all play. I was working too. In fact, if you haven’t been by in a while, you may have noticed while going through last week’s posts (and just visiting the blog in general) that Jeff and I launched the blog redesign last week. And I’ve been adding updates these last few days to the sidebars as well. So, last week was still kind of a big week even though I was out of town.

And now, I am excited to be back at my desk and planning what’s next for pns.

And speaking of what’s coming up for papernstitch: After reading over your suggestions, I am now working out the details for a reader appreciation week for you to say thanks for being so awesome! When I have everything squared away, I’ll let the cat out of the bag in terms of specifics. Get excited! I think you’re going to like this a lot. *And if you would like to share your ideas for what I should include in this week of fun, leave your response on this post.

Well, that’s all the news I have for now. Stay tuned for a guest post from Design Shuffle at 1pm EST on fashion forward interiors for spring.

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Aw, my pleasure Andrea. And thanks for stopping by Roan!


Ah, the sun and the sea. I wouldn’t mind working if I have these scenery around and in front of me.


Great pics! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me.


Thank you Mai. Yeah! I am excited to share more info about that as well.


Welcome back Brittni! Your pics are lovely. If you’ve gotta work it might as well be in the Keys. 😉 Definitely looking forward to your reader appreciation surprise.


Thank you Vanessa. Yeah, it’s all about balance, right? Plus site redesigns are fun! So it was an easy decision to launch it at that time.


Welcome back! I’m in awe that you launched a site redesign and got work done amid all that beautiful scenery!


hehe. thanks angie! yep- that’s a great way to put it: fun and productive.


great photos! glad to hear you had a fun + productive time in key west, brittni. so jealous. 😛

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