I’m Back!

Jeff and I had an amazing time on our trip. And we are finally back home and getting into the swing of things again. The weather was perfect- lots of sun, not a drop of rain.

I am not sure if I even mentioned where it is that we actually went before I left… we were on a cruise. And visited the Bahamas, St Maarten, and St Thomas. It was so beautiful. Thought I would share a few pictures from the trip (its just a few- I don’t want to bore anyone).

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Welcome back 🙂
The photos are cool. Love the vintage look. Feels like “The Love Boat”… 🙂

Tali Schiffer

Yes, it was really great! Can’t complain. This was our first vacation since our honeymoon, so it was especially nice (and appreciated) to get away from it all.


that beach looks divine you lucky thing!
glad you had such a lovely time 😉


thanks mai. 🙂


Glad you’re back, Brittni! Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had a peaceful time. 🙂


How cool Angie. Yeah, it was a great time. Our favorite stop was St. Thomas (which is where the beach photos were taken). Its just so beautiful there. Hope to go back soon.


glad you had a great time! we went on a cruise to the same destinations 2 summers ago, and it was wonderful! <3 cruises.

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