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UPDATE 1/1/2011: I received almost 50 submissions for this position, and I have found an intern! Thank to all that emailed me. I will keep everyone’s submissions on file in the event that I am looking to bring on another person.

My to dos list is becoming longer and longer as the days go on. And I need help. (Luna* is just not as helpful as she use to be). So, I am officially looking for an intern (or two) for papernstitch to help with the day to day. This person or persons will be working with me on both the exhibition site and blog. If you are friendly and reliable, and have an interest in learning the ins and outs of a small business in the handmade community, I want to hear from you.

This position will be unpaid to start, although I will make every effort to compensate in other ways, and will be 5-10 hours a week for a period of three months (with time off for the holidays). After the trial period, if all goes well, we will discuss moving interns into paid, part-time positions. I should probably mention, since we have an international audience here, that you do not have to live nearby, or even in the same country as me, to apply (this position will be virtual- so you can work from anywhere).

These two things are must haves for an intern... Must feel comfortable communicating with customers via email and must feel very comfortable working on a computer (i.e. must have experience using computers and basic software)

What skills am I looking for? Ability to work on your own and meet deadlines; ability to write engaging copy (for blog posts or e-newsletters); organizational skills; marketing knowledge and/or advertising (sending email inquiries, working with interested parties, etc); experience with social media (including twitter and facebook); some experience with video and/or podcasting a plus. * You do not need to posses all of these skills to apply. See below.

Who should apply? Creative people (male or female) carrying a high school diploma or higher, who can work 5-10 hours a week for a period of at least three months (to start within two weeks of being selected, if not sooner) that has strong skills (experience of some kind) in at least two of the areas listed in the ‘skills I am looking for’ section. Most feel comfortable working remotely (internet access is required) and on a computer. Friendly, trustworthy people only please. Please familiarize yourself with papernstitch.com before applying.

How do you apply? Email me at brittni(at)papernstitch.com with the subject line INTERN SUBMISSION. In your email, please tell me a little about yourself and include links to your blog, website, shop, twitter, etc if you have any of these. And answer the following questions: Name your top 3 favorite handmade shops (include links). Why are you interested in this position? What skills do you posses that I am looking for and tell me a little bit about your experience with said skills. I’ll email you from there.

*Luna is my dog.

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That’s very sweet of you Tali. 🙂 I’ve received some really amazing submissions so far.


I would love to be that person, but I am afraid I already have too much going on and I will not be able to give it the time needed every week… But will gladly help hear and there if you need!

Tali Schiffer

Such exciting news! I’ve already emailed you : )

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