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Enormous Tiny Art has some lovely pieces right now. I am completely pressed for words right no. I am just in awe, so I thought I would provide a small snippet from each artist’s statement about their work instead of gushing. After all, who could put it better than the artist’s themselves?


Biology and Oh, Alice by Betsy Thompson


“One of Betsy’s primary goals as a collage artist is to make art more accessible and to engage her viewers, adults and children alike, by drawing them in through the use of color, movement, shapes, and story-telling. Her work is notable for the use of bright, inviting color, creative energy and whimsical imagery.”


Railroad Ave. Laundromat and Wallace and Madison by Stacey Durand


“…These overlapping homes, quirky old seacoast buildings, and urban landscapes have been the subjects of Duran’s most recent work. She is drawn to the layers and clutter and the junctions and connections that these objects create. And in many ways her art making process reflects my strong interest in layered assemblage: through the use of stacked and over-lapping, collaged materials, photocopies, and photographs; utilization of wintergreen transfers and other photo transfer techniques; and the incorporation of acrylic paint, graphite, and charcoal…”


Wing Pile, Spanish Bow Tie and Two, and Giant Swallowtail & Knot by Gretchen Wagoner


“Wagoner’s relationship with nature is what has driven this current body of work. Currently, she is very fascinated with butterflies and knots. Wagoner’s interested in the light, free, delicate yet resilient nature of a butterfly as opposed to the strong, stabilizing mechanisms of a knot. The artist states, ‘I like that they seem like an unlikely pair, although both are used to describe physical characteristics brought on by strong emotional reactions. For instance, having butterflies or knots in your stomach may physically feel the same but evoke completely different emotional connotations. It is these same contradictions and combinations that motivate my process and materials of collage, gouache, watercolor, and graphite’.”

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Stacey Durand’s word is so vivid. Enormous Tiny art is such a great website.

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