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Inhabit Wall Flats in Shangri La 

I have been searching for interesting wall coverings lately, and through my search I have been avoiding anything that involved the term wallpaper. I know that wallpaper has come a long way, and there are some incredible lines out there, but I just can’t get over the word: wallpaper….its such a dirty word. So, when I found wall flats from Inhabit I was anxious to explore. And look what I found!

Inhabit Wall Flats in Braille

You can find any of these Wall Flats on Design Public. Here’s what the site has to say about these texturizing goodies: “Inhabit’s Embossed Wall Flats are designed to expand in any direction. With peel-and-stick adhesive tabs and an automatic pattern repeat these wall tiles are simple, modern, versatile and goof-proof. You can cover an existing wall, help disguise a not-so-smooth wall or add a modern pattern to any room setting.”

Inhabit Wall Flats in Seesaw

I think this one (seesaw), more so than the others, really transforms the space by playing with an architectural element. With that said, I think Braille is my favorite out of them all.

Inhabit Wall Flats in Bud

For more wall flats, visit the Design Public website here.

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