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It’s a given that we all love Instagram, right? I am mean seriously, I don’t think I know anyone under the age of 40 who doesn’t have an account. And I am loving these magnets from StickyGram that take your  Instagram photos and turn them into mini works of art for your fridge (or any other metal surface). We have a whole bunch of these magnets at our house. I look at them every time I grab something from the fridge, which is a lot these days. I have pictures of our cat Nuggies, who passed away last year, and our dog Luna. AND a whole pack of magnets from our time spent in Seattle. Gosh, I wish we could move back there! I miss walking down to Serious Biscuit for breakfast and coffee (and sometimes cupcakes) with friends. 

stickygram - instagram magnets

Want to make your own StickyGrams? You can create your own magnet pack online (choose any 9 photos from your Instagram feed for each pack) and they’ll deliver them right to your door. Each magnet is about the size that they appear on your iPhone (50mm x 50 mm) and the process could not be any easier. Free shipping everywhere too!

To get your own pack of StickyGrams made, click here.

*Use code PAPERNSTITCH10 to get 10% off your order.

This post is brought to you by Stickygram. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. *Visit this page to learn more about partnering with Paper & Stitch on a future campaign.

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My Fridge Looks So Great With StickyGrams! | Get Social Co

SO cool! I saw something about this the other day, now I am hooked! I was thinking this would be such a fun gift idea. Especially to someon you don’t see very often sort of like a ‘here-is-what-I’ve-been-up-to-while-I-have-been-missing-you’ gift.
– Dusty.

- Dusty.

RT @papernstitch: Instagram your Fridge with StickyGram: It’s a given that we all love Instagram, right? I am…


Awesome Becky. Be sure to use the coupon code if you do pick some up so you can save 10%. Have a great weekend.


RT @papernstitch: Instagram your Fridge with StickyGram: It’s a given that we all love Instagram, right? I am…

Claire Zinnecker (@clairezinnecker)

I highly recommend StickyGram McKenna. Go for it. 🙂


Love stickygram! I just order some a couple weeks ago and they look so fun on my fridge. I’m probably going to order some more very soon.


I have been wanting to do this for a while! I just need to go ahead and do it. xx. McKenna Lou
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McKenna Ryan

Hey Ida. The brand is FACE Stockholm and the color is called Pinched Cheeks. I bought it at J.Crew.


Whats the name and brand of that wonderful nailpolish? 🙂


@papernstitch Love this idea! RT @papernstitch: Instagram your Fridge with StickyGram:


Good point – these would make a great gift for friends and family Amanda.


These are great! I made a huge collage of all my instagram photos from last summer and had it printed at Costco, but this would be great way to get just a few photos – or to give as a gift!


Instagram your Fridge with StickyGram: It’s a given that we all love Instagram, right? I am…

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)
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