Interior Obsessions – A Splash of Orange

As much of the US suffers under a blanket of white and sub-zero temperatures, I thought a bright zesty color would help to brighten and otherwise cold and dreary day. Last week on Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks, we took a look at some gorgeous staircase options. This week, we look at adding a splash of orange to your interiors to either liven up a neutral palette or complement other colorful choices.

Orange is another of those take it or leave it colors that people either love or hate. Personally, I’m a huge orange fan, as I love the brightness it brings without being too in your face. It works well as a shot of color against more neutral backgrounds of white, black and wood, and is stellar when paired with dark brown or grey. Orange is a perfect complement to blues – be careful, bright blue plus bright orange often looks like you’re decorating for a football team, but paired with a lighter sky blue or icy aqua, both colors really have a chance to shine.

You have quite a few options when it comes to adding orange to your home. If you’re unsure about using it, try adding it as an accent color in pillows, artwork, small appliances, or rugs. For those of you with a bolder sense, orange furniture or a fully painted orange wall may be just the ticket. In my old house, I had both in one room and it was modern, fun and still warm and inviting. From lighter citrus tones to darker pumpkins, there are so many options out there that one is certain to add sunshine to your living space.

(above) Orange Geometric Shelving

Orange Sofa + Orange Office Furniture

Muted Orange + Grey

Orange Lamp + Burnt Pumpkin Wall

Citrus and Sky Blue + Darker Orange and Aqua Tiles

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i’m not a fan of orange for my personal space but i can appreciate it in someone elses. i love the way a small amount of orange is used in all these photos.


I know orange can be a difficult color to “gulp” when it comes to interior designs. But I personally love the look!


I love orange, and I really love that large abstract painting!

laura trevey

Yeah, that is a great painting Laura. Good eye. Ya know, I bet you create something similar with some canvas and a little extra paint. Cheap art. I like it (Not saying that the piece is cheap- just saying it could be “remade” diy-style).


Great article! I love how adding a bright – stand out color can make a room pop. Interior designers call it the 60-30-10 rule. Your main color {usually a neutral} covers 60% of the space in the room, followed by 30% of a second color, and lastly, 10% of a third color that you accent the space with.


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