Interior Obsessions – A Touch of Yellow

Last week’s look at wood walls on Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks sparked quite a conversation, with people coming down on both sides. Some said they could never handle the look, while others love it. This week we’re looking into the use of the color yellow in interior design. For many years, if you had asked for my least favorite color, yellow would be the one. It certainly isn’t something I can wear, and so I think I’ve shied away from it instinctively.

But yellow can truly be a great addition, especially to a more neutral palette. It adds a bit of joy, a touch of sunshine to an otherwise mellow-toned space. It can be a perfect foil for grey, white, black, and even brown, and is lovely in combination with other colors as well.  I have to say I haven’t made it far enough along the spectrum to be comfortable with a yellow wall, door, or even an upholstered sofa, but in bits and pieces, perhaps a chair or two, it can be a lovely little shot of color. With tones ranging from good old goldenrod to bright sunshine to creamy butter, yellow has a clear place in the modern home.

(above) Yellow Accessories + Ochre Chairs

Bright Yellow Bowl + Chartreuse Cushions

Molded Chair

Yellow Door + Painted Wall

Yellow and Black + Yellow Dining

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yes, totally! i am obsessed with yellow.


Wow! I love love love the color yellow in the home!

Stacie (Gingiber)


I’m incorporating yellow into my home theme so thank you for the inspiration!

Adele {modernemotive}

yeah for yellow! so happy you ladies found amy’s post inspiring (i always do as well of course).


i love it! i am the same way, never realized that I actually liked yellow, because i can’t wear it, just doesn’t work on me. but i absolutely love it as an accessory or in my home, it is the perfect pop of fun. i especially love that kitchen + eating area at the top right, gorgeous!

lesley [smidgebox designs]

Gorgeous! We just ordered a grey and yellow sofa so this is perfect inspiration for how to style around it.


katie- grey and yellow look so good together! we have a charcoal grey couch and a few bright yellow throw pillows. the color really pops.


These interiors look great – they’re modern and look uncluttered and fuss-free, but have that quirky retro feel too. Very nice.


i have chairs like those in the top right photo. unfortunately, they’ve been out in the AZ sun for a few years & the climate has not been kind to them. they’re going out in the yard sale next week – i hope someone with style takes them home and brings them back to life!

alexandra keller

I’m so with you on this one! Love yellow, especially mustard.

Melanie Blodgett

I’m so glad that so many of you are finding my posts inspirational! It’s fun reading all of your comments, and I’m having a great time putting them together.

FormFire Glassworks

I love this trend! Yellow is so happy and still so chic! Thanks for this. : )


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Great inspiration pics! I love a pop of yellow, its unexpected and fresh.

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