Interior Obsessions: Inspired by These Spaces

black and white room with colorful artwork

So, I’m just going to admit that there’s no particular theme to today’s Interior Obsessions post. Except for the fact that they’re all pretty awesome. Is that a theme? I’m thinking that might be a theme.

Either way, I think you’ll enjoy these spaces. My absolute favorite is this first one, above (and that staircase below).

(above) Black and white with a little color.

what a great staircase

An inviting staircase.

a white kitchen with colorful accessories

How great is this kitchen? I really like that it’s filled to the brim with stuff. Sometimes, clutter is a good thing.

a well appointed living room

Those pillows and that artwork. Yes!

a workspace with a great inspiration board

A workspace wall that is exploding with inspiration.

beautiful kitchen with blue vintage stove

Love the blue antique stove in this interior. Has a great farmhouse feel.

love this white living room with colorful accents and accessories

And this is a fun one.

Which space is your favorite? Curious to know what style best suits your home.

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holy inspiration batman! these are beautiful spaces. makes me want to run out and sign a new lease so I can get to decorating! <3


I love the idea of using clothes hangers for wall art. You can change the artwork whenever you feel like it. I like the idea of the cluttered kitchen but I think in reality it would drive me mad!


I love, love, love that rainbowed-out kitchen. Wish I could do something like that in my house. Think it could work with cream-colored walls? Might have to try it!


I swear people always think it’s crazy that I love white walls… but I just do. They make me so happy. That staircase and kitchen have be drooling.

bettijo @

I love how the spaces you chose are neutral and simple with these bursts of personality and and color.


Love these spaces! I’d love to make an inspiration wall above my desk like in that workspace.

Kevin | Thou Swell

Ooh . . . hard to choose. For me, it has to be the staircase and the workspace. But like all else too!

Cheryl @ Artzzle

I just love looking at all of these nicely put together spaces. It kind of calms me down, haha. Is that weird?


I loved the colors in the kitchen! So different but work so fine together! Good match! 😉


I love the staircase – and the table & barstools in the farmhouse kitchen. I think I need multiple houses… 🙂


That kitchen is amazing! I love all the colors!!
xx Chloe


These are all gorgeous! You have amazing taste!

Mary Costa Photography

You totally have a theme – white space with rainbow accessories! So invigorating!


Pretty Awesome is definitely a theme! I love the art hanging in the first one. I need to get some of those hangers and try that!

Kelly @ Studio DIY
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