Interior Obsessions: Beautiful Bedrooms

A great bedroom with copper lights

I’ve been wanting to give our bedroom a makeover since we moved into this place last year, but it’s still sitting there basically untouched from when we move in. Minus a couple of paint swatches and a new lamp.

So, I’m hoping that a little bedroom inspiration will light a fire under me, to get going on some of the bedroom decorating I’ve been meaning to do.

Here are a handful of my favorite bedrooms at the moment…

(above) I love everything about this bedroom. Especially the bedding and copper lighting.

Pink neon sign in the bedroom

I would love to hang a neon sign in the bedroom. Just for fun.

Joanna Goddard's bedroom makeover

Love this bedroom makeover. And I definitely want these bedside lights.

A cozy, modern spot to curl up at night

And this before and after bedroom makeover is a good one too.

Bedroom with peach sheets

And this combo of peach and grey is fun – love the pattern on these sheets.

All of these spaces are so different, but I love them all. What about you? Do you have a favorite?

For more interiors inspiration, go here.

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Love the collection of art work. Looking for some inspiration myself.


Man, agreed. A neon sign in the bedroom would be RAD!


My best friend and I are singing the lease for quite an old house next week. Despite its age, the house is beautiful and has such a wonderful vibe. One thing I find myself doing is looking up beautiful rooms on instagram. This post has given me all the inspiration I need.
I will definitely being doing a blog post on our new home.

Paige Marie

i know the feeling! ive recently moved into a new place also and im slowly working my way through the rooms. It get so expensive, and the bedrooms the less likely room for visitor to see so it seems to get left to last! Great inspiration!



I, too, am in need of a little inspo. After moving into our house 3 days before our baby was born, decorating wasn’t high on our priority list. Unfortunately, almost 2 years later and we still haven’t hung pictures. Thanks for the fire. It’s officially lit!



Glad you like ’em, Danielle.


I love these! I really like how clean and fresh the white walls make the rooms appear!

Danielle @ Chits and Chats and Chocolate

Aren’t those great, Arielle? And yes- there is something about that bison piece that is really cool. It works really well with the dark headboard and softer, slightly more feminine pillows.


those copper lights are to die for! I love them..and I’m really want a bison portraiture now, too. thanks for sharing!

love, arielle
a simple elegance


I’m lucky to have a landlord that is willing to let us make some changes (with her approval). But you can always move around furniture and buy accessories in a rental too, which I find helps a lot. Just some simple changes can make a big difference.


I’m living in a rented property at the moment..but I can’t wait till I’m able to buy my own place so I can decorate it the way I want it to look!

Jessica Rose
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