Interior Obsessions – Black and White

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 06/09/2011

After a few weeks of looking at specific items for the home, like last week’s rug roundup, I decided to take a little detour back into a color scheme, or in the case of today’s images, a lack thereof. Today’s focus is the combination of black and white as used in modern interiors. You might think that use of primarily black and white in one interior space might be harsh or cold looking. I will readily admit that until recently, I never really considered black at all for interior spaces, not wanting to head that far down the dark pathway, but these interiors are both inviting and fun. The black accents really play off the lighter background, and give a place for your eyes to rest, something on which to focus.

There is a simplicity to the black and white color combo that is relaxing to look at, and good designers use a combination of shape, repetition and texture to play these pieces against one another in interesting ways. Items with differing amounts of black and white provide a range of variation, and oversized fixtures add strongly to the visual interest in a space. Repetitive elements like matching picture frames create their own pattern, while overlapping objects and images provide a sense of depth. Black and white sits beautifully against woods like whitewashed oak, teak and walnut, those woods with a greyer tone. And don’t forget what the monochrome palette does for that single splash of color in a room – it’s an amazing way to create a strong focus for any bright color!

(above) Chartreuse Chairs in Loft

Stacked Artwork + Photo Wall

Small Amounts of Black

Red Centerpiece + Oversized Black Pendant

Toned-down Whites

Amy wrote this post. She is the designer and owner of FormFire Glassworks, where she creates modern lampwork glass beads and jewelry. You can follow her twitter @formfireglass.

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