Interior Obsessions: Some Seriously Bold Color

interior obsession // turquoise wall in bedroom

I wanted to name this post ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost color’ but I can’t do a strikethrough on the title. So, let’s just pretend.

I think it goes without saying that I am a big fan of white interiors. White walls. White floors. White everything. BUT there is definitely something to be said for color as well. When I was in high school, I distinctly remember wanting to paint every room in my imaginary college apartment a different color. Which would have been utterly insane. But that’s what I wanted at the time. Man, how things have changed!

The only downside to color is that it’s much harder to get it ‘right’. I mean it’s easy to make things looks good when you have white walls (hello gallery), but color? That’s a whole lot more difficult, if you ask me.

Here are a handful of bold uses of color that are absolutely doing it right…

(above) I am in love with this turquoise wall.

pink tile in a cool scandi bathroom

This tile backsplash is amazing. Don’t you think? (found via designlovefest)

interior obsession // great living area with royal blue accent wall

Doesn’t that artwork look great on a royal blue backdrop like that? Never thought I would say that, but it’s true.

interior // with yellow wall


interior obsession // lilac statement wall in Seattle studio

Lilac walls in a Seattle studio.

interior obsession // salmon wall

Salmon walls with that emerald green chair? Now, that is bold! And also, perfect.

interior obsession // dark teal stairs

And these jewel-toned, dark teal stairs are pretty great too.

So what do you think? Would you dare to try any of these colors on your walls (or stairs for that matter)?

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Do you know the color of the peacock blue stairs?


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Ohmygoodness! That salmon wall strikes a chord in my heart. Time to scour some stores for spray paint!

Jessika Chan

I love that mirror! I loved all of these ideas!



Wow, great colors. Love it. I have a lot of colors in my home, and this is just perfect. First photo is amazing.

Fabulous 30s

Fabulous 30s

Oh my goodness do I love that turquoise wall. I LOVE this post because I always want to do bold accent walls but never quite know how. This is fabulous inspiration!

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