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Pink was the color of the day last Thursday, when Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks explored Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2011. Those of you interested in that announcement are likely to be heavily influenced by the visual in your world and in design in general. Those of us suffering with this affliction often have another related symptom, that of having too many books and magazines to count. So today’s look centers around the storage of those reference items, the bookshelf.

From neat and tidy, organized by spine color to provide a perfect visual backdrop, to stacks of books set randomly about the house, designers and lovers of design collect images. Although I am trying to curtail some of this collection by doing much more of my cataloguing in the digital realm, a plethora of books can easily devolve into piles of clutter. But getting rid of those early sources of inspiration often proves quite a challenge, and storage, attractive storage, is necessary.

Low shelving is a great way to keep a collection of books in check. You can see over it easily, so it tends to feel more open. Designating one single wall in your house for shelving is also a great way to approach this. We’re really looking at ways to corral and limit the creep of books. Shelving as dividers is another great way to let your books and magazines do double duty. They get organized, and that object serves to delineate areas within the home. One clever location for books can be a corner unit, which also serves to organize space, creating the feel of a small library in what might otherwise be a bland side area. Keeping your book collection corralled and pulled together is a necessity in a more minimalist setting, but clear organization and inventive use of space (check out those stairs!) can keep paper clutter at bay.

(above) Stacks + Low Shelving

Wall of Books

Room Divider + Pivoting Wall of Books

Corner Library

Books as Risers + Thick Slab Shelves

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I love that wall of books. It looks great!!!!

Rosa Navas

Wow!! books in the stair risers?! how cool is that!


I think that’s my favorite one too Mai.


Oh gosh, that huge wall of books is so impressive!!!

Tali Schiffer

Wish I could say all my books are stored neatly away, but alas, it is not the case!

The wall of books is amazing, as are the stair risers, although I’m picky about how I treat my books, and the thought of kicking them by accident doesn’t completely appeal.

Modern Simplicity

i have bookshelves in almost every room in our house … i love them. ok i love books so the shelves are a necessity! love the room divider & pivoting shelves. thanks for sharing! xx

laura Evans

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