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Welcome to the first look at Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks.

I’m thrilled to be able to shift the work I’ve done with Room by Room into an exciting look into the world of gorgeous interiors, and I hope you enjoy my new venture! In the spirit of clearing away the old and embracing a new, more current vision, this week’s lineup centers on the use of chalkboard paint in the home.

Although I have to say I would have a hard time with the more relaxed feel of a chalkboard wall in my own home (the perfectionist tendencies really kick in here,) chalkboards are a great way to either organize schedules, keep lists or add a little temporary artwork to a space. The more matte surface that the paint provides is also a great foil to a semi-gloss or high gloss trim or cabinet paint, and gives a different type of textural look that can be a great focal point within your living space.

(above) Dining Area

Breakfast Nook + Chalkboard Painting

Door Panel from Living Etc.

Calendar Wall

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I definitely MUST feature that Calendar Wall pic in my “Office Space Saturday” posts 🙂 LOVE it for so many reasons!!


heidi rohr

LOVE chalkboard paint and these are all perfect uses!


Heidi – In that case, you might also like:

It didn’t fit in my post, but I think it’s fab.

Thanks Brenda!!!!

FormFire Glassworks

Me too Brenda. Chalkboard paint really has endless uses! In fact, I just got an idea…

Side Note: The new column is amazing Amy! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week.


I love chalkboards, but would be uncomfortable with the relaxness of it too. At least for my house. (I love the office with the calendar wall, but that’s an office.)
But there’s one room in the house where I would love a chalkboard: the ‘guestroom’… (toilet), alongside the funny cartoons and poetry books (something for every kind of guest…), with a little piece of chalk, so people who use your bathroom, can leave a little message (or nice drawing to thank the ‘lady’ of the house) on the wall! :o)

pilli pilli

pilli pilli

Thank you Brittni!!!

pilli pilli: I think that’s a fabulous idea!!!

FormFire Glassworks

oh, I absolutely love chalkboard paint! This is a great collection of images. One day, I will paint a whole wall or door in it (or refrigerator), but for now, I settle for adorning my craft fair displays with chalkboard paint.


LOVE the calendar – what an inspiring idea. I have wanted to do some chalkboard paint for a while now but have to admit i am a little scared of the dark colour!

Kate @ another donkey design

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love affair: chalkboard paint

i agree – the calendar wall is genius! love how big it is!! plenty of room to write =) but is no one afraid of chalk dust? ugh, remember when detention meant banging erasers!??

PAWLING | print studio

I would absolutely have difficulties with the dust, and I would also need to erase the entire thing if I made a mistake! I love the look of the seating area in the second set of images, but I don’t think I could leave the background half-erased. OCD anyone?

FormFire Glassworks

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Adore the chalkboard paint too! I want to *redecorate* and I have put on my thinking hat- how can I use this??Hmm- Thanks for the great ideas!X

annamaria potamiti

These are super awesome chalkboard ideas! Love that calendar, what a great way to keep track. I wish I could paint in this apartment, I’d definitely have a chalkboard spot.

Brittany Broas

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