Interior Obsessions: Clothing as Decor

By Modern Simplicity • Updated on 07/07/2021


Searching through interior shots the other day, I noticed a great addition to a number of spaces that really added a little extra, making those rooms feel both a little more real, while at the same time a bit more cool. These shots used items of clothing as part of the styling for their photo shoots! But why not think about doing that type of thing in our own homes? Do you have a favorite top? Perhaps a stunning bag that you don’t use on a daily basis, but hate to have it hiding in the closet? What about a great piece of clothing from an exotic trip?

Try using some of those pieces as part of your decor. Hang them on a wall off a special hook or knob, from a rod that houses your great coat collection, or perhaps just laying over a chair or set on a shelf. There’s no reason your best pieces have to stay locked away, so why not enjoy them every day? Is there a great piece you could add to liven up your room?

(above) Chartreuse Color Pop


Blue Jacket and Jewelry + Ombre Top


Black Bag on Rack


Chalkboard Hooks + Wooden Knobs


Open Coat Closet

Amy wrote this post. She is the designer and owner of FormFire Glassworks, where she creates modern lampwork glass beads and jewelry, and by day designs custom homes for a small firm in Southern California. You can follow her twitter @formfireglass.

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I absolutely love this idea! Once I bought non-returnable shoes and realized that they were way too small once I got home -DECORÉ PEICE!


I agree with you Becca, especially in that first photo with the all white room.


These pretty pieces of clothing definitely add a nice touch! I love that open hall closet.

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