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Last week’s installment of Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks took a look at brightening your home with wallcoverings. Today we take a peek into a different method for bringing life into the home – the indoor garden. Pulling nature in from the exterior of the home adds color, texture and oxygen to our interior environments. Once relegated to the random potted plant placed here and there, bringing the outdoors inside became a focus of architects starting in the late 40s and continuing through the 60s, exemplified in the Case Study program and much of modern California architecture. This became more commonplace in tract homes built after this period. My house was built in the late 70s, and sports a planter pit directly below the open staircase that lends itself to larger-size potted plants. Fast forward to today, and we once again see a resurgence of¬†interior gardens that are making a comeback in some new and different ways.

From atrium-style groupings of large potted varieties, to smaller kitchen herb gardens to full-wall vertical gardens, the choice is tremendous, even to the average homeowner. Using natural light from windows or skylights is certainly the easiest, but full-spectrum bulbs make it possible to keep a garden even in darker areas and cooler climates. Be sure to do some research into local plants that will stand up to this unusual environment, especially if you are using heat or air-conditioning. If the vertical garden appeals to you, but the cost seems prohibitive, newer products, such as Wooly Pockets, which can hang on interior and exterior walls, and planter wall tiles that can be used in conjunction with flat tiles may be an easier and less expensive way to go. Whichever you choose, the addition of living things to our static environments is a great way to boost your spirits!

(above) Curved Garden Wall

Overhead Vines + Lush Office Atmosphere

Zen Bathroom Retreat

Vertical Inset + Kitchen Herbs

Atrium Planting

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Love this Amy. Jeff and I stayed at a place in Portland on our honeymoon ( ) that had an amazing (and huge) wall of live plants and succulents and it was so cool. That wall in particular was actually outdoors, but there was lots of furniture outside and it felt very intimate and cozy. Loved it!


[…] Indoor gardens were the focus for last week’s Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks. But although many of us may bring a plant or two inside our homes, we may not plan to take it to the extent of a full garden space. But one thing we all need is light. Most lighting designers would agree that overhead lighting, in the form of recessed cans or surface-mounted fixtures, is not quite sufficient when it comes to lighting a room. To make a room feel truly comfortable, light needs to come from multiple locations, and the best way to achieve this effect is through the use of lamps, either wall-mounted sconces, table lamps or floor lamps. Although sconces can be great when space is at a minimum, I prefer to use table and floor lamps because of the multiple uses they serve. […]

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each & everyone of of these photos is amazing. my first crush on an indoor garden was as a kid in the 70’s. Our dentists waiting room had a lush indoor garden.

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