Interior Obsessions – Ottomans and Poufs

After a invigorating look at the color orange, this week’s Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks shifts gears again, returning to the realm of furniture, specifically the ottoman or its more deconstructed sister, the pouf. I also tend to put any upholstered bench into this category, basically anything that has no back and  is a (relatively) soft surface. The advantage of using this type of piece in your living space is twofold: it can be a multipurpose piece, used either for seating or as a table-like surface, and it doesn’t block the line of sight. It is the perfect piece to use when you want to add seating in front of a floor to ceiling glass area, or between two areas open to each other, where you want to look past the ottoman to see the rest of the seating area without being blocked by a seatback. Add a tray, and you have a hard surface to use to display your favorite accessories!

The ottoman or upholstered bench comes in many sizes, from a simple cube that seats one to a full-length daybed, and all sizes in between. It can be solid all the way to the ground, or have thin legs  that give it a very light profile. It can be topped in leather, fabric or natural reeds. The frame can be wood or metal – there are tons of choices! The piece that is typically called a pouf serves the same purpose, but lacks internal structure, being basically a large floor pillow that owes its structure to its filling and to careful upholstery construction. This type of furniture is not just limited to the living spaces of your home, either. They can be used to create an eclectic dining table seating, add some softer horizontal surface to the end of the bed, or even provide a quick seating area in the bathroom for a spa-like feel. Because they are lower and smaller than a sofa, they are also a great way to introduce a shot of color into a room without relying on accessories for all your non-neutrals. They can be easily shifted from location to location, and make some great alternate seating for entertaining.

(above) Open Bench in front of Glass

Daybed with Fireplace + Ottoman as Coffee Table

Modernist Ottoman allows for View

Shaggy Pouf + Leather Pouf

Upholstered Bench in Green + Multiple Cubes add Color

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I love the room with the shaggy pouf!


It’s a really fun way to add texture without making a huge commitment. And the wide array of neutrals is a fun way to go.

Modern Simplicity

That one is my favorite too Victoria, although I really like “Modernist Ottoman allows for View”. And Amy (modern simplicity) you brought up a good point about adding texture with minimal commitment. Great post Amy. Have a good one.


As much as I could never have all white furniture and decor in my house, it does look super stylish and chic, particularly in the third picture!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds

The greens and browns of the modernist house with the outside view of the greenery … it makes my heart beat faster.

I’m fortunate to live in a place like this – not the same, exactly, but we, through a serious of fortunate events, acquired some great mid century stuff that mixes in nicely with the rest of our stuff. We live in an open concept space with a view to the green outdoors. I still like ‘your’ house better, and am always dreaming of ways to improve!

Jeannie of Atlantic Beachlife

Jeannie – True enough you’re very lucky. I have a bit of MCM that was my dad’s from the late 50s – early 60s. That type of setting is stellar for that, especially with a lot of indoor-outdoor space. These ottomans and benches work so well next to the glass!

Modern Simplicity

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OMG! Where can I find a shaggy pouf?


I believe that’s the Rasta Pouf made by Avec designer Paulo Haubert. (If not it’s very similar.) You can purchase them from Luminaire or Unica Home.


We have nice selection of poufs at . please take a moment to explore them

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