Interior Obsessions: Places I want to Move Into

cool workspace

Yesterday we went and looked at another house for rent. It’s probably not going to work for us, but we’re hopeful that we will find something soon. Which means, in the next month and a half or so, we’ll most likely be packing boxes and settling into a new place to call our own (at least for a little while). It’s a little bit stressful but it’s also sort of exciting to dream about what the next place we may live might look like. And what we can do with the space, etc. The reality is probably a lot less exciting, but a girl can dream. Right?

So here are a few spaces that I’m currently dreaming about / would love to recreate in a new place…

a playful workspace with tons of light (and a cool rug)

cool bench + art cluster

a cool hallway / landing area with great art

studiomates: white office space

an all white office like this (found via)

painted geometric wall detail

a wall like this

w hite window seat with lots of light

a window seat with lots of light (found via)

a cozy minimal bedroom

a cozy, minimal bedroom

Are you sensing a theme here? All white walls, for sure. With pops of color here and there. But those are just decorative elements…The number one thing I’m looking for in a new place is lot of light. And I mean LOTS. Cross your fingers for me. And then let me know…

What was the number one thing you were looking for when you were searching for a new place to live?

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I had a list of things I wanted, wood floors, lots of light, vintage fixtures, etc. I got lucky and found a place that almost perfectly fits my requirements! I thought I wanted color on my walls but I think white is going to make it nice and bright in my new space. 🙂

Briana Morrison

What a wonderful sconce light in that minimalist bedroom shot. Lamp envy.


Agreed Jeanella.


I have always loved white walls. They look so fresh and crisp for years. And the light! Pure daylight! We can always add a pop of color with furniture and/or accessories.


Yes! That wall is so awesome Jessica. Definitely one of my faves.


Oh my! I LOVE all these interiors! Especially that space with the color block wall…I want to paint my wall like that!


Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

Awesome Kayli. Thanks for stopping by.


I love all of these spaces! Such great inspiration!

Kayli Schattner

Sounds awesome Becca. Hope I can find something with lots of light.


These spaces are all so gorgeous! My friends always give me a hard time for not painting my walls, but I love how open the white walls make my place feel. I definitely was on the lookout for lots of light when I was looking for my place. Fortunately, I found a spot with south, west, and east facing windows, so there’s never a shortage of light (or heat. Woof).

Good luck with the hunt for your new place! I hope you find somewhere amazing.



Definitely agree with you on that one Kelly. Hope we find something soon!


I always thought I’d want color on the walls in my home but after living in a place with all white walls I don’t think I’d want it any other way! So light and open, and it’s much easier to change out color pops with accessories then with paint! Crossing my fingers you find your dream place soon, B!

Kelly @ Studio DIY
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