Interior Obsessions: Shelf Envy

Great shelf with leather straps

This week, I’m not afraid to admit that I have a serious case of shelf envy. And with shelfies being the new selfies and all, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a handful of inspiring shelves this week. Here are my top picks…

1. (above) Leather strap shelving via SF Girl by Bay

Gorgeous floor to ceiling shelving

2. A floor to ceiling shelf in a work/live space

Cool plant shelf from Weekday Carnival

3. Cool little shelving unit in the kitchen

giant bookshelf down the hallway

4. A giant bookshelf

An amazing plant shelf

5. A shelf to store all of the plants

Cool shelving system for books + decor

6. Modular shelving via Frenchy Fancy

Shelving over a radiator to save space

7. Bookshelves over the radiator to save space

One, two, and seven are my top picks! Which shelf is your favorite?

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These are amazing… 🙁 Joining you in envying them!
Particularly like the one filled with books.


This just reminded me of that instagram trend #shelfie!


These are so amazing! Number one is my favorite, but I want all of them!


Good choices, Casey.


1 and 3 are jut so cute. I’m going to redecorate my bedroom and this is the perfect inspiration. Thanks for sharing, I would have never thought to try these ideas!!

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