Interior Obsessions – Splash of Aqua

Last week on Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks, we took a quick look at ottomans, benches and poufs, looking at a low-sitting way to add seating space without a lot of visual clutter. This week, we dip ourselves into the pool of color that is aqua. Once a strong statement, aqua in its lighter and darker tones has become almost a new neutral, setting off oranges, greens and pinks to great effect. Aqua is a soothing color reminiscent of sea and sky, a cool tone that doesn’t come across as sterile and cold. Superb against white, browns and blacks, it has become a master of versatility in the world of interior decor.

Like other bright colors, the amount of impact that your aqua accent has will often be determined by the sheer amount you use. A fully-painted wall is a super backdrop to wood furniture, but really makes a statement, while aqua touches in smaller scale accessories can add just a jolt of bright to and otherwise neutral space. From walls to floors to furniture, light to dark aquas really open up your living space.

(above) Aqua Wall with Mid-Century Modern

Aqua Accessories + Wire Chair

Vintage Aqua at the Royal SAS

Ultra Light Workspace + Poulsen Lamps

Backdrop wall + Floor Carpet Tiles

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beautiful aquas!! love the varity of places to find it.. furniture, floor coverings, accents, walls – all great 🙂


My favorite color in the world! A little bit of aqua brings in a splash of sky.

Lesley Hamilton Frenz

Hi Lesley. My favorite color as well. Amy knowns how to pick ’em, doesn’t she?


Just love this colour! You’ve inspired a new colourway for my clock print 🙂


Oh, how awesome Leanda. I can’t wait to see it!


Wow! Gorgeous! These are definitely going in my “ideas for dream home” file.


that blue wall is amazing! i totally want that set up in my home.

Jennifer DeDonato

Just had to…×16-giclee-print-mid-century-icon-george-nelson-sunflower-clock-in-teal xx


Yeah! Love it Leanda. Thanks for sharing the new print link.


So happy that everyone has enjoyed these watery aqua picks. Leanda – thrilled to see that my post inspired you to create – it looks wonderful! And I’ve been eying that clock for years now!

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Where are the furniture pieces in the first photo from? I’m looking for something for my dining area and I think this would be a great fit!

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