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Last week we spent our time looking down at our feet, focusing on wood flooring. Today we shift our gaze upwards, to the highest part of the house, the attic. If we actually have an attic area, it is typically used to store our extra items – boxes, holiday decorations, and other things that we rarely access. But taller attic areas can be transformed into wonderful living and working spaces! I once worked in an office that was housed in an attic space under a mansard roof – the center area was standard height, and the slanted areas were left open to extend the floor area. Years ago, while dating my husband, we took a trip to Tahoe to visit his aunt, and stayed in ‘his’ room: a tiny, galley-shaped attic space, where the bed was tucked deep into the slanted roof, surrounded by built-in shelving. It was a cute space, and he had wonderful memories of times he had spent in that room. Flooring, wallboard and some ceiling finishes can transform an awkward space into a wonderful retreat.

Attic spaces, as long as a portion of them is tall enough for walking around, are such cozy rooms. In houses with a steeper-pitched roof, there is often plenty of space for a window, either at the gable end of the room, or built right into the roof itself. A greenhouse-style skylight wall can make a smaller space feel wide open. Spaces can be finished simply with flat surfaces, or structure can be exposed and emphasized. Attic spaces may be only big enough to house a bed, or can accommodate a full studio or office. It’s a fun way to add that extra little nook to your modern home.

(above) Office and Books

Tucked in Retreat + Skylit Space

Reading Nook

Attic Bedroom + Bunk Space

Window Wall

Amy wrote this post. She is the designer and owner of FormFire Glassworks, where she creates modern lampwork glass beads and jewelry, and by day designs custom homes for a small firm in Southern California. You can follow her twitter @formfireglass.

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So where did you find that great table? I have been searching all over for one like this?


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that reading nook is just dreamy! Perfect for an afternoon nap!

cinzia allocca

My aunt’s house had a beautiful finished attic space with windows and natural lighting and we could here Lake Michigan through the open windows. It was my favorite room in the house.

Brooke Dove

Haha. So true Mai. I always think of cramped and dark when I think of attics too. But these are amazing. Great finds Amy!


I love these attic spaces. What’s nice is that these are full of windows and lots of natural light. Very unlike the usual “dark and creepy” attics we normally think of. Wish I had an attic!

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