Interior Obsessions: For the Love of Chairs

Wishbone Chair

I’ve talked a lot about my interior obsessions over the years, but there’s one obsession I don’t think I’ve mentioned before…The one that hammers home to me more than anything else. My strange affinity for chairs.

This may seem a little random, but this obsession is a deep one.

Case in point: 1) If it wasn’t completely strange to have a chair wall in an actual residence (i.e. not a retail showroom), I would do it. 2) Every time Jeff and I had a little money for a new piece of furniture, back when we started collecting classic pieces, I would always say I wanted a chair. And he would usually say we had enough chairs already. Which was true. But I just couldn’t help myself. As a result, we now have more chairs than I care to mention. And we haven’t necessarily figured out a way to make them all work in our place, but that’s just a minor detail, right?

So I feel compelled to ask…Am I alone in this? Am I destined to be a crazy, old chair lady (similar to a crazy cat lady, only more sad)?

I don’t know. But either way, I’m celebrating it today, with a little dance (the chair cha-cha to be exact) and a new Interior Obsessions post for awesome chairs today. Here are some of my favorites…

(above) The wishbone chair. (via OYOY. found via The Design Chaser)

Cool Chair in a Kiddo's Room

This blue and wood number is perfect for a kid’s room. Or my new desk chair. Either one, really. (via Design is Mine)

For the love of chairs

Completely in love with this chair color. And shape. (via House Doctor. found via Decor8)

Papa Bear Chair

My #1 favorite chair of all. The Paper Bear Chair, designed by Hans J. Wegner. I have to brag just for a minute and say that we own one of these chairs. And it is absolutely the best. The only problem is, it kind of needs to be reupholstered at this point, unfortunately. Thanks to the handy work of Franz. No, that fancy chair is not your personal scratching post. Eeek. (via Modernica)

Eames LCW

And an Eames LCW. (via The Minimalist Home)

Wood Bench

This amazing bench. Okay, its not a chair, but I love it so much. I had to include it. Maybe I’m branching out to other seating? (via OYOY. found via The Design Chaser)

Wishbone Chairs

And a few more wishbone chairs for good luck. (via Robson Rak)

Have your own obsession to share? I’d love to hear what your weakness is, when it comes to interiors, in the comments below.

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Everyone has something right? I know a girl with a basement full of lamps.

Jenn Schleich

[…] There won’t be a wall in my next house dedicated to benches. That’s just for chairs. Remember? But I love them enough to dedicate a whole post to it. Which counts for something, in my […]

They Call Me the Bench Wench | Paper and Stitch

I too have a chair obsession. I’m constantly coming home with them. My husband is very confused over what we are to do with them all! But, seriously! Chairs are so useful!! And beautiful. My style is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality and I reckon, a chair is it!

Sarah from Creating Contentment

You are totally NOT alone! I am a self-professed chair hoarder- they’re just too easy to pick up at a tag sale/estate sale/flea market…. They travel easily, you don’t need 2 people to carry (most) chairs, they fit in most cars without having to go full-out tetris style… plus there are some ridiculously awesome chair designs out there! I’m still waiting for the day that I stumble upon an eames plywood lounge chair for an amazing price- it’s probably about as likely as winning the lottery 😉

Karen @ Year of Serendipity

It is SO difficult to find a chair that is: comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and durable. So I totally understand your obsession. (And share it.)


beautiful pics. Love all of that- everything so simple and bright! 🙂


Holy. Wow. I can see why you’re so obsessed with them- each one of these brought something super special to the room. I especially like the wooden one painted with blue, and the one you own! That looks insanely comfy.

xo marlen
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A good chair helps a good book slide down.
It perks up a room.
It makes sitting fun. (Alright, maybe that’s a little dangerous. Who cares?)

I really really like when something useful can add beauty and personality and weird to a room.
That armchair with it’s own, pointing arms? Yus. Absolutely.


All of this is just perfection.


Haha. I’ll see what I can do, Kel…A friend of Jeff’s that used to own a modern furniture shop had a chair wall in his showroom and every time we would go in there, I’d think “I need one of those in our house”. So random, but I just really like the idea of it.


Umm I am all for this chair wall you speak of. Please make that happen.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Glad to know I’m not alone in this. We can be crazy old lady chair lovers together then. 🙂


You are most definitely not alone! I discovered this obsession in myself a couple of years ago when I was looking for furniture for my apartment. Instead of looking for dressers and tables, which is what I needed, I kept drifting to old chairs. (I was thrift shopping) I have no idea where the obsession stems from, but I just want to get older chairs and recover and/or refinish them.

Erin Shelton

Hi Pamela. The photos above are not actually pictures of my house (image credits under each photo). But I do see where you’re coming from with the whole chair makeover thing. The DIY aspect definitely appeals to me.


First I must say your house is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it. I love. Chairs also but unlike you my obsession is finding them and never buying one. I always want to fine one of those amazing roadside pieces like all the home decorating shows do ; )

Pamela Neal
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