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Indoor gardens were the focus for last week’s Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks. But although many of us may bring a plant or two inside our homes, we may not plan to take it to the extent of a full garden space. But one thing we all need is light. Most lighting designers would agree that overhead lighting, in the form of recessed cans or surface-mounted fixtures, is not quite sufficient when it comes to lighting a room. To make a room feel truly comfortable, light needs to come from multiple locations, and the best way to achieve this effect is through the use of lamps, either wall-mounted sconces, table lamps or floor lamps. Although sconces can be great when space is at a minimum, I prefer to use table and floor lamps because of the multiple uses they serve.

Not only do lamps provide light right at the level where people inhabit the space, either an all-over ambient light or directed task lighting, but the fixtures themselves serve a purpose within the decor. The lamp becomes an object which fills space at the mid-level between furniture and ceiling. Think about your standard 8-foot-high room with a sofa, coffee table, chair, and end tables. It has some recessed fixtures in the ceiling for light, but the entire band between the top of the sofa and the ceiling is bare. You add a piece of artwork to the wall over the sofa, which helps to fill that void, but that only occurs way at the back surface. A good lamp bridges the gap between these two, and brings the object out into the living space itself. A lamp can be understated, add a shot of color, be wiry and thin, or have a lot of substance to ground the vignette. Try moving different lamps into each of your rooms and see how it changes the feeling of your space – you’d be surprised what a difference such a basic addition can make!

(above) Articulated Floor Lamp

Task Floor Model + Natural Curvy Base

Aqua Desk Lighting

Sculptural Floor LampHeavy White Base

Desk Lamp as Window Grouping

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Love these!


Thanks for commenting Kathy. I love ’em too. Amy always shares the best interiors.


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