Interior Obsessions – the Power of Pink

This week’s Interior Obsessions with FormFire Glassworks takes us away from the dining table into the realm of color once again. Inspired by Pantone’s announcement for their Color of the Year for 2011, Honeysuckle (18-2120,) I decided to peruse the world of interiors for spaces where pink and its sister color coral, were used in a modern and fresh way. In all honesty, that was a harder task than it would seem, as the majority of interiors employing this vibrant color are frightening girls’ rooms which tend to employ so much of the color that one feels trapped inside a bubblegum bubble. Although pink is often a great accent color in its many forms from the lightest blush to the brightest fuschia, it is rarely shown as a major force in space design because of its tendency to take over completely.

Used in a very graphic way, pink can be a force to be reckoned with, and it is best used set against a neutral like white, black or brown to really set it off to good effect. Instead of painting the entirety of a room and adding further touches of the color, try limiting your pink to a single surface, such as a wall or floor. Or bring in rosy furniture to brighten up a minimal background. Start simply, and ramp the intensity up slowly – although pink can really liven up a space, it can overwhelm just as easily. Hot pinks work great as a splash against icy aqua tones, and is a great mod touch when paired with a bright orange. I’d love to hear how you incorporate pink into your home decor!

(above) Graphic Bedwall

Coral Carpeting

Pink Lounge

Bright Pink Furniture

Fuschia Pigment Wall

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I took adavantage of the fact that I live alone and painted one wall in my living room in a bold magenta (try doing that when you live with someone…). Nothing sweet and sugary, but very modern I must say. All of my other furniture is black, white (or a combination) combined with art deco (light oak) pieces and a few touches of bold pink to tie the whole thing together. Still very happy with it and I think it’s time this underestimated color moves out of the little girls’ rooms and into more and more modern interiors ๐Ÿ˜‰


Great rooms Brittni! I was just swooning over this rug and it would go great in one of these rooms or as the touch of pink in a different room. =)


Wow Amy! I love that first interior shot especially. It is so strong. I’ve never really thought of pink as being a modern color choice, but you’ve shown me the light. ๐Ÿ™‚

Claudia, your home sounds really cool. Do you have any photos? I’d love to see it.

And Shanon, I can’t take credit for this room roundup. The lovely Amy of Formfireglassworks put it together. BUT I do agree with you about the IKEA rug.


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Brittni – That first shot got me as well. It definitely is a tricky color to use, unless you are going the more eclectic, crafty look, in which case a little lighter tone works pretty well.

Claudia – I have to say that I’d love to see what you’ve done as well, it sounds fun!

Modern Simplicity

i don’t think i can do anything honeysuckle. too much color for me!

alexandra keller

I’ll see if I have any good pictures, I think most of them are from when I just moved in (‘unaccessorised’) or if I can take some (nothing but grey skies lately here in Holland, so that’ll be a challenge to take nice photos)…I’ll have a look.


oh lovely pink!
the coral carpet is wonderful and the last fucshia wall is BOLD!
this is a pink wall i fell in love recently:×12-edition-of-30

sushi lover

Sushi –

That’s a great shade, and I love those heavy pigments. Thanks!

Modern Simplicity

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