Interior Obsessions: 13 Beautiful Spaces with Amazing Natural Light

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Potted plants in the window

Whenever Jeff and I move to a new place, the number one priority on our list of must-haves is great natural light. And the same has been true in my search for the ‘perfect’ studio space (which has more recently become a little bit of a nightmare, but thats a whole other story).

So, today, in the spirit of inspiration (we’re currently trying to decide if we should move from our current place when our lease is up at the end of October), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite interiors with gorgeous natural light.

1. (above) A spot for ALL the plants (via The Transcontinental Affair)

Living Room. Natural Light Inspiration.

2. A living room with plenty of natural elements/ textiles AND natural light (via Studio McGee)

Pale blue workspace inspiration

3. The workspace of Lucile Sciallano (via The Design Files)

Wall to wall bookcase

4. Love that bookcase! And the perfectly even natural light. (via Boligliv)

Kitchen / Living Room Combo

5. Light-drenched kitchen / living room combo (via This Is Paper)

That Perfect Natural Light

6. Oh yes! (via At Home In Love)

Office inspiration

7. My color blocked office area

Mint cabinets in the kitchen

8. The picture perfect kitchen of Sarah Sherman Samuel (via Smitten Studio)

Perfect Natural Light

9. Vaulted ceilings and insanely awesome natural light (via Camille Styles)

Love this dining room

10. This dining room! (via Amber Interiors)

Bedroom makeover inspiration

11. The DIY bedroom makeover I did for a friend (via Curbly)

Amazing kitchen with great natural light

12. Great kitchen with plenty of light (via Studio McGee)

Corner bedroom with amazing natural light

13. This corner bedroom! (via KK Living)

I’d be pretty happy to live (or work) in any of these amazing spaces. What about you?

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All the spaces look so good, and yes, if we can see, most of the natural lighting space has a white color background wall, reflecting the natural lighting that enters inside the home and gives that home so much light.

Tom Hillman

I love natural light. I’m looking for a new place to live and unfortunately it’s very hard to find anything within my price range that has a decent amount… These are some amazing pictures!


thanks for sharing, I found it very interesting.
I also believe that the natural elements and the light may be present in the paintings on the walls and this would help to light the whole room.

Here you have some suggestions of my watercolor paintings:

Maraquela Watercolor

Love this post! These are exactly all the things I look for in a home too 🙂


What a great round-up of spaces – all so beautiful and bright! We are lucky enough to have lots of natural light in our rental, but it’s a bummer I can’t paint the walls white (instead of gross tan) to get even more light.

xo, Sarah


I LOVE the natural light in our home– even if it means it gets pretty hot in the summer! It’s also perfect for our plant children!

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

Wow I absolutely love nr. 3 *heart eyed emoji*


Umm, yes, please! Give me that dining room in No. 10 with those amazing chairs and that bookcase filled room!


You don’t realize how much you yearn for a space filled with natural light until you no longer have it. These are some truly awesome spaces, thanks for the inspiration! Oh how I miss my natural light filled homes.

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