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Sorry, I am new to this. I love these bags and would like to take advantage of this 15% off offer but I do not have a paypal account (just use credit) – will I still be refunded the 15% discount? Thanks!


ooh, i spied that orange clutch on etsy last week! definitely in my “favorites” listings.


Ooh that orange clutch is adorable! And so perfect for autumn, or spring, or summer. Heck, I’d even use it in winter!!


Thank you for this feature Brittni:)
And thank you so much for your comment ladies:) To answer Kat question, yes of course you will still get 15% off from me:)


Gorgeous, superbly made bags by Ira! The burgundy leather is definitely one of my all-time favourites!


Ira’s collection is so versatile and yet trendy. I’d been eyeing on the orange clutch too. 🙂


Ira is such a unique Artist,
love here Work and gorgeous fantastic Bags!!!


Ira has the most beautiful collection of bags, the leather one is stunning!!!


Great feature! Iras work deserves it really!


Large tote bags because i carry alot of stuff in my bag

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