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Now that I am on the west coast, I am finding all these amazing events coming up. And one in particular, that I just found out about, looks pretty great. So I wanted to make sure you knew about it. Its called the Create Explore Discover art retreat and will be held in the Lake Tahoe area at the end of next week (and weekend).

After reading up on the event, I asked the creator, Sarah Stevenson of redlinedesign® if she could tell you (and me) a little more about it. So, I’ll just let her take it away and have Sarah give you the juicy deets…

What is Create Explore Discover? Create Explore Discover is a special art retreat that was developed out of my love of art, design and creativity. I have taken many online and in person art and design courses and felt that our region (Tahoe/Northern California/Oregon/Utah/Washington) would benefit from the artists and the experience that I have gained from them.

When and where will it take place? Create Explore Discover will take place from October 6-9th, 2011 at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, California.

Artists Joining Us for the Inaugural Retreat:

1. Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday: Marisa will be the keynote speaker on Thursday evening and will be teaching Painting with Stitches on Friday. Where art meets embroidery. A needle and thread, fabric and maybe a paint brush or two, we will be creating an illustration with embroidery.

2. Liz Kalloch of Liz Kalloch Design: Liz will be teaching an incredible two day class focusing on creating your own piece of ICE resin jewelry and bezel design from start to finish.

3. Denice Barlow Brown: Denice will be teaching two courses that can be taken together or separately and focus upon art journaling, free writing, mixed media and collage.

4. Sarah Stevenson, redlinedesign®: I will be teaching a special class on Saturday where we will explore photography from a composition, color and design perspective. No technical expertise required just a desire to see the world in a different way through the lens of your camera or iphone. We will also create a photo journal of our experiences.

Some exciting adventures await you…In addition to the classes, we will have afternoon adventure activities on Friday and Saturday. They include kayaking, guided floral hike, or mountain biking.

How to Find Us: website: and twitter and facebook

More about Sarah Stevenson and redlinedesign®: I am originally from Australia but moved to the U.S. when I was 10. My career began in Chicago 25 years ago, where I worked as a corporate interior designer and project manager. I was blessed to have worked with top Fortune 500 companies all over the U.S.. In addition, I was very involved in the architecture and design community in Chicago which has given me a unique view of design and creativity. I have lived in Northern Nevada for 11 years and founded redlinedesign® 2 years ago. I am a registered interior designer, photographer and teacher. redlinedesign® offers design services, original photography and adult and childrens design and creativity classes. Out of this business came Create Explore Discover Art Retreats.

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my pleasure sarah. thanks for sending me the info!


thanks for the wonderful post Brittni….It should be an exciting weekend…we are expecting our first snow in the Sierras so snow and fall colors….beautiful

sarah s. - redlinedesign
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