Interior Obsessions: 7 Ways to Steal My Sunshine

Painted Yellow Accent

I’ve been missing the sunshine (and warm weather) lately. Although I did catch a few snowflakes yesterday, which was pretty cool.

So, to cheer myself up I’m bringing the sun to me. Or trying to anyway, with 7 ways to ‘steal my sunshine’. AKA awesome interiors with yellow (sunshine-y) accents…

1. Yellow Window Sill via 70 Percent Pure

That velvet yellow bench!

2. That Velvet Yellow Bench (!!) via Domaine Home

That mustard yellow couch!

3. That yellow couch, from a recent shoot, is my fave! Via Paper & Stitch

Neon yellow and pink bathroom

4. A bright yellow bathroom via Lonny

Yellow 70s Kitchen

5. This cheery yellow 70s kitchen via Design Sponge

7 Ways to Steal my Sunshine // Yellow Accents in Interiors

6. A yellow foot stool in the bedroom via Paper & Stitch

Yellow Window Moulding

7. Yellow window mouldings via Elle Decor

What colors cheer you up when the weather is cold and dreary?

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Loving the yellow decor accents! I think yellow is a great colour and I definitely want to introduce it into my home.

At the moment I’m liking turquoise and neon colours. When looking at them, they cheer me up, especially against a white background.

This post is reminding me that spring is on its way i.e. the yellow sun and flowers. Can’t wait!!

Emma Jayne x

Emma Jayne

I never thought that yellow could be so pretty! I love the bright accents.


These interiors are simply beautiful! We had some lovely sunshine here in London over the last few days but today it’s quite miserable and gloomy, so these pictures definitely brightened up my day – I love minimalistic spaces with accents of colour, I’m a firm believer that there is beauty in simplicity!

With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

Paris by Friday

I neeeeeed that yellow bench in my life!

chelsea jacobs

I love that stool and the rug underneath it! I need some sunshine in my life, too.


Wow I love that velvet yellow bench!

Carolyn Selheim-Miller

I’m loving the bright pops of yellow!



YELLOW!!!! love the subtle accents, it’s like a small bursts of happiness.


These are such cute inspirations! I love pops of yellow but have trouble working out how to incorporate them into my own little house as it’s pretty dark!


Yes! I love citrus yellow. Those windows are my fave.

Leah / Freutcake

I’ve always dreamed of having a yellow kitchen, and that one you’ve posted is just perfect! It has a great mix of retro and modern vibes.

x Kathryn
Through the Thicket


love the yellow! Such a great way to brighten and room and the color really does make me happy 🙂


Lovely post! Yellow is my favorite color. Happy photos…


Oh wow, I ADORE these! Yellow is my favorite color, so I loved seeing it all over these interiors. I definitely wouldn’t know sadness if I got to see that kitchen every morning. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

xo Melyssa
The Nectar Collective

Melyssa Griffin

I’ve never been a huge fan of yellow but this instantly put a smile on my face. Since tomorrow we start our morning at 1 degree F and that’s crazily low for my area, I definitely needed this burst of brightness. Thank you for sharing this splash of cheer.


I love your styling! Do you know of any wedding/event stylers in the triad area of North Carolina? You rock! xo


I love the Window Sill…and that little stool..The yellow colour gives a very soothing effect…

Erin patrick

Love a pop of yellow, especially retro Chartreuse yellow! (And even retro Chartreuse green accents.)

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