Rummage through this Closet.


Jen’s Closet that is. Anyone who has read this blog can probably guess that I love love love vintage. And I am always on the lookout for cool vintage shops when aimlessly wondering through Etsy. So, when I saw Jen’s Closet, I contacted her to see if she wanted to talk about her shop and luckily she did. I asked her a couple of questions, which are below, but before the Q and A, I wanted to add that I will be dreaming about the above Milk Glass Candleholder tonight.

Christmas Vintage Deer from Jen’s Closet (Who needs Christmas for this little guy? So cute.)

Q: How did you come up with the name jenscloset?

A: I originally was thinking of having a personal shopping business..helping women shop for clothes..I love fashion and style!! My daughter Lindsey graduated with a fashion design degree…and my other daughter, Katherine (15) already has wonderful style! So I stuck with that name, and I thought it went well with my vintage shop…sort of like I’m pulling wonderful vintage items from my closet!! 

Q: Are there any vintage items you have come across that you can’t bear to part with?
A: It’s easy to answer the next question…I cannot bear to part with my pink and green depression glass!! I have a great collection proudly displayed on my built in shelves in my dining room! My daughter bought me a great set for my birthday too!

Mod Little Coffee Cups from Jen’s Closet

Q: Being opened for such a short time (just a couple of months) you have been doing quite well with sales. Congrats! Do you have any advice for other vintage sellers that are hoping for the same success?
A: As far as success with your vintage business, the most important thing to do is market yourself!! There are a lot of shops on Etsy…so you have to get your shop out there! There are a lot of ways to do that…go on the forums, meet other etsians…the other vintage shops have helped me so much, whether it’s a question on a piece I’m not sure about, or when I almost had a breakdown over something…and they all came together to help me! If you love what you’re doing…then do the best you can..and believe in it..and promote! I like to have a variety of items in my shop; something for everyone!

Q: In the spirit of promoting Etsy, is there an Etsy seller that you love and would like to promote?
A: As far as an Etsy seller that I love…there really are so many! But my favorite, by far, is my daughters latest shop (she is the one the encouraged me to join Etsy)…deerlyneeded, is her latest shop, wonderful and different jewelry supplies! (I especially love the darling cracker jack charms!!).
Sarah Coventry Daisy Pin by Jen’s Closet

Thanks for the interview! Here’s a little more info about Jen… “I’m a Mom, and that has been and always will be, what I am most proud of!! My daughter Lindsey, 25, my son, Mark, 16..and my daughter Katherine, 15!! What could be better!?” For more vintage finds from Jen’s Closet, click here.

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I love this Jen’s Closet! She has somehow managed to find items that bring back such nice memories that I have to have them in my home! My sister-in-law loves vintage and I am already Christmas shopping for her…and for myself!


Thank you so much..I appreciate this!

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