June in August

Sailing the Seven Seas Gocco Print from June Craft

I fell for the oh-so-sweet patterns and prints of June Craft after seeing her work featured on Decor 8 not too long ago. This print is one of my faves, so I had to throw it in, but the focus for much of the June Craft shop is on pattern…patterned fabric, cards, and prints. Woohoo!

1. Gocco Notecard from June Craft 2. Circus Custom Fabric from June Craft 3. Golden Forest Custom Fabric from June Craft 4. Circus Coin Purse from June Craft

Can you tell which pattern in particular I like most. 🙂 Not only does Kayanna have a great shop; she also has a great blog, of the same name that documents what’s going on with the shop and all the lovely products.

Left to right. Retro Cups Gocco Print from June Craft in Avocado, in Red, in Aqua 

These cute little prints were literally just listed, so go check them out. For more from June Craft, click here.

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those fabrics are very nice and that print is cute. i love sailor stuff.

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