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Tough Ruffles Zipper Purse from Made by Hank


I noticed that Made by Hank has a couple new items listed on Etsy right now. And given the fact that I practically stalk the Made by Hank shop looking for new items (everything sells super quickly), I was pretty excited! I thought some of your might be too. Believe me- I have a Made by Hank purse and the quality construction and attention to detail are superb. You may want to check out the shop and see if anything tickles your fancy before everything sells out once again.

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These purses are beautiful. If she sells out too quickly it means she needs to raise her prices. 20.00 is way too low, by the time she puts time & materials into it minus fees. IT’s like she working for less than minimum wage. They are really fun & cool and could be sold in stores.

Love her stuff. Hope she reads my comment.


These purses are just mad hot right now. In fact they are SO popular and so cool that I can’t get one because they sell out so fast 😆 I personally love her large bags. Truly a remarkable artists. She seems so nice!

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