Kate’s Art Lovers Gift Guide

Remember that video interview Kate Singleton and I did a couple of days ago for the blog? Well, Kate is back today to share something else with us. It’s an art lovers gift guide: 15 of her favorite pns prints and originals (six of the fifteen are shown above with links below).

1. Blue Trees (original painting) $150

2. Bunny Portrait (photographic print) $45

3. Mister Sir Mustache (giclee print) $16

4. Utensils (giclee print) $25

5. Laura (original oil painting) $50

6. Clouds Over Stanley Park (original watercolor) $40

You can view all 15 pieces here: Kate Singleton’s Art Lovers Gift Guide. The theme is portraits, animals, nature and modes of transportation. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge. And I personally love that about it!

About Kate: Kate Singleton is the founder of the blog Art Hound, and also works with people near and far to help them find cool art for their homes. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two Maine Coon cats (one of whom, makes an appearance in our video interview).

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Oooooh! I LOVE the utensils!

Please Note

Me too Elizabeth. One Little Bird is pretty awesome!


great picks. i really love the landscapes particularly. am a big fan of annamaria’s work. happy friday 🙂


I can see how you would click with Annamaria’s artwork Belinda. I love it as well! I own one of her watercolors actually (one of my favs).

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