Keep it simple

The pieces of jewelry that I wear most often are the ones that are fairly simple – good for everyday and work just as well for night time.

So I am sharing the work of Erica Burns today. Her jewelry is really nice, simple – not fussy, but still special and interesting. Here are my favs…

1. Leaf Hammered Earrings (inspired by the leaves she saw on a walk through her neighborhood one day) 2. Triple Barred Pearl Necklace (with teal freshwater pearls)

Give me simple over complicated any day of the week.

What about you?

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Brittni thanks for featuring my jewelry! I like to say it is simple, with an edge! I love jewelry that is easy enough to wear at work but can easily transition to night with out being too understated. Thanks so much for the love!

Erica Burns

Keep it simple

Erica Burns (@ericabdesigns)

Very nice. I to don’t wear large jewelry pieces. I’m just not comfortable with large pieces. Simple but elegant is for me.
Linda @ MixedKreations

Mixed Kreations

I’m the same way, brittni. While big, over-the-top statement pieces are fun to look at, I could never wear them… especially since they’d look ridiculously huge on my small frame! Small and simple really does appeal to my aesthetic as well… You can leave it alone or layer it, depending on your mood.

The pieces from Erica Burns that you’ve shared are lovely; simple yet elegant. Thanks for sharing!

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