Keeping A Sketchbook

doni dolis{Image via Doni Delis}

When I was in school, my professors would often stress the importance of keeping a sketchbook. Not just for classes, but for quick thoughts that might come to you on your way to lunch or while you are out walking the dog. Because of this, I suppose I have always been interested in other people’s sketchbooks… what they keep in them, what’s going through their head each day, and most importantly: how they transition from sketches to finished works. I imagine for many (myself included), sketching can be just as important, if not more important than finished works. The process can often be more of a discovery than the product.

sketchbook{Lil’ House Mini Sketchbook and Home is Where the Doodles Are}

So, what makes for an interesting subject for sketching for you? Is it the stranger you see in the park drinking a cup of coffee or a blade of grass after a summer shower? Or maybe its the house next door to yours with the funny wind chime hanging from its front stoop. Who and what inspires you to pick up a pencil and drift away?

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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Hey Emma. I just read your post and I am so glad that you are jumping back into experimenting with materials. How exciting! And Liz- I LOVE the idea behind the sketchbook project. Truly everything from Art House is awesome.


Oh and check this out for all you sketchbook artists:


well Brittni, you got me thinking… i too have not kept a real sketchbook in the last 10 years, yes i have plenty of notebooks but they just aren’t the same… i’ve posted all about it here ~
thank you for the inspiration, have a great day my dear… 🙂

emma lamb

Brittni, this is so weird! im off work sick at the moment and was thinking just yesterday about my sketch books, and about how neglected they have become! I decided to write a post all about it- partly inspired by this post! So if you want to see my sketch books here they are!

Thanks for the inspiration!


I love reading what everyone puts in their sketchbook …I am imagining them all now.


Ahhh, the first photo is what I dream my work desk to be. I love threads of all kind and I need organization of any kind, hehe.


I always try to keep a sketchbook, but I’ll start and eventually it ends up sitting somewhere blank. I have always been really bad at sketching before a project, I often just dive in. But I’m trying really hard lately to keep my sketchbook with me and keep writing and sketching, so far it’s been great!


Shape, pattern, colour, and the places one, two or all of these things collide. My sketchbooks are mainly full of little iconic doodles that later turn into larger inked pieces over paint. Would Love to see what’s in some other people’s sketchbooks!


Well, its never too late to get back into right Amanda? And on another note, I love these sandals that you posted about:
Are they really comfortable?


I have a terrible confession: I haven’t kept a sketchbook in 10 years! I think it happened when I made the life choice to pursue literature and writing rather than visual arts. But I’ve been in the mood to test out my very rusty sketching skills in a sketchbook, or at least to doodle around. It’s so relaxing 🙂

Amanda Nicole

Oh! I am SO right there with you Iva. I am super into patterns. I take a lot of pictures of the patterns I see when I am out and about, and try to bring those into my work.


I have many collages and patterns in my sketchbook. I’m so into patterns right now 🙂

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