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First Video…about papernstitch from brittni on Vimeo.

Movie reel that is…well, video at least. I have been wanting to do a video for a long, long time…must have been from the envy I started feeling from all the lovely Dialogue videos from Design for Mankind. This is my first video for papernstitch, and I am so excited. I am hoping that this will become a weekly part of the blog, where I will talk about various topics: business advice, artwork, etc. This first video is the story of papernstitch and how it got started.

But for the next one, I need a little bit of help. I want to know what you want to hear more about…artists to look out for? tips for your business? favorites from…? What do you want to hear? Let me know in the comments. I’ll choose one for my next video, and it could be your suggestion.

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[…] Papernstistch the blog is an art, design, craft, fashion, lifestyle oriented site. The site is clean and the content is refreshing (4-6 posts daily!). I love that the site has contributors and I’ve visited all the advertisers sites (I admit I never do that) and they were great as well (even fattened up my inspiration list with a few of them!). It makes me wonder if I’ll ever have contributors or advertisers (she said as her voice trailed off wistfully) until then I will be admiring papernstitch the blog in and totally un-stalky but potentially gushy sort of way. For more background, here is a clip from the founder of papernstitch, the site and the blog,Brittni. […]

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Well done Brittni, especially for your first. Stumbled on to you as a Flickr contact. Will visit frequently! Ciao.


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I love this sort of thing. So well done for being brave and doing it! I hope that one day I can manage to make myself a bit of a video blog thing.

just need something to talk about! haha shouldn’t be too hard!

look forward to more in the series!

Renee x

renee anne


Although you think you were rambling, it was really nice to hear you speak about your background and how papernstitch got started plus Luna is adorable. In the future it would be lovely to hear more about the business aspect because it runs completely differently than any other industry. It is always nice and helpful to hear of other people’s personal experiences. I am looking forward to hearing about the contributors!


Fabulous idea and so nice to see you “in person!” I’d love to hear about inspiration and different techniques in art. I’ve been dying to get my boxes of art supplies out of the backroom and get my hands messy. 🙂 Tutorials would be a lot of fun in video!


thanks casey and emma! i am so glad you both liked the video…its so different to talk to a camera on my computer as opposed to just typing something up. i really enjoyed it.


great video! it’s really lovely to hear how you started papernstitch and i enjoyed your rambling very much… 😉

hi to Luna too!

emma lamb

Great first video! I’d love to see anything about handmade or crafts. I’m sure all your videos will be really good, I can’t wait to see more 🙂

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