Kove Handmade + A Confession

Confession time: I don’t know how to knit or crochet (much to my grandmother’s dismay). So, I am secretly jealous (in an ‘I admire you’ kind of way) of anyone who actually possesses these skills.

Enter Kove handmade, a shop with a mix of crochet and knit accessories inspired by the Canadian west coast, and I’m hooked. There are some great staple pieces, like the Kootenay Wrap; and there are some great statement pieces as well like this Oakridge Chain in Taupe. I can’t pick a favorite. They all look so cozy.

Visit Kove Handmade to view more of the collection.

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Oh I’ve stocked this shop for so long. I finally stared at the pictures of the Sequoia wrap for so long that I made one myself. I get SO many compliments on it. I recommend it.


You’re right Andreia- never to late to learn. My grandma tried to teach me know to knit once, but it just didn’t stick. I don’t remember how to do it. 🙁 Maybe one day though.


It is never too late to learn…anyway I understand you Brittni… well, Knitting is really amazing! I love Kove handmade too 🙂

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