Lace and Thimble: Creative Hand-Stitched Greeting Cards

Lace and Thimbles’ charming greeting cards combine artist Rene’s two greatest passions: drawing and sewing. The style is dainty with a vintage flair, and there’s an adorable card and matching hand-stitched envelope for every occasion in her Etsy shop.

My favorites include the cheeky and creative where babies come from card for an expecting mom, and the sweet I Miss You card.

Need a card? The Lace and Thimble Offers Free Shipping on all US and Canada Orders!

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Donnerstags-Inspiration | a red apple

I love embroidery on paper! And these are magnificent examples. :))


What a cool idea! I love the cupcake.

Lex makes punk clothing

those are so very cute 🙂

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